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Community Grants

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Update: 21 December 2022

Council is no longer accepting applications for Community Grants and Sponsorships.

Applications are still being received for Sustainability Grants.



Community Grants

Buloke Shire provides financial assistance to local community organisations and individuals to undertake projects and activities for the benefit of the Buloke community. Projects and activities that have received assistance in the past include Arts and Cultural Heritage, Environment, Community Development and Community Enterprise Development.


Prior to submitting an application, all applicants are required to read over the Community Grants Guidelines.
Applications for all Community Grants funding open in July each year and the funding pool is allocated as agreed by council. When the funding allotment has been exhausted, there will be no further grants allocated until the following year. Grant funding is ongoing and submissions can be made at any time during the year, Council will consider grants at each monthly Council Meeting.


Grant Types

For more information about projects that can be supported in each grant type, please read the Community Grants Guidelines. If you have a project, but you are unsure what grant type will be best suited for it, please contact the Community Development Officer on 1300 520 520.

Community Grants and Sponsorship 

Update: 21 December 2022

Council is no longer accepting applications for Community Grants and Sponsorships, as the program has been fully subscribed.

Sustainability Grants

Community Sustainability Grant                                Up to $10,000                                              Council will fund projects on a $2:1 ratio. Your contribution may consist of cash, assistance from other funding agencies, or up to 50% “in kind” such as voluntary labour or materials. 

Quick Action Sustainability Grant
(2022/2023 Financial Year)

 Up to $2,000 Council will fund sustainability projects without a co-contribution from the applicant. Applicants can only make one successful application for this funding. 


 Applying for a grant:

  1. Read through the Community Grant Guidelines and determine what grant is best suited for your project. 
  2. Download the relevant application form, below, and complete it. If you have any questions during this process, please contact the Community Development Officer on 1300 520 520.
  3. Submit the application. 
  4. You will receive confirmation that Buloke has received your grant and an indication of which Council Meeting it will be presented at. The grant will then be assessed by an assessment panel, and if there are any questions regarding the application, the Community Development Officer will contact you. 
  5. Once the grant has been assessed, it will be endorsed by the Executive Management Team and presented to Council for approval.
  6. Council will approve Community Grants monthly, at their Council Meetings. After Council has considered your application, you will be notified the following day regarding the outcome of your application. 
  7. All successful applications MUST complete an acquittal of their projects within 7 days of project completion. No grant applications will be considered from applicants with outstanding grant acquittals. 

Buloke Shire’s Community Development Officer is available to assist community groups and or individuals with completing application forms or providing further information by calling 1300 520 520.


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