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Intensive Industry Investment Guides

Buloke Shire Council is actively seeking to attract investment in intensive agriculture, and related business activities, to the Shire.

Buloke Intensive Livestock Investment Guides

Poultry Meat Investment Guide Chook 1

The Australian poultry meat farming industry has revenue of $491 million per year, with a steady annual growth of 2.7% and this is expected to increase to 3.2% per year over the next five years to reach $576 million by 2020-21.


Egg Production Investment Guide   Chick

The Australian layer egg farming industry has revenue of $760 million per year, with an annual growth of 5.3% and this is expected to stabilise at an annual growth of 2.4% per year over the next five years.


Pig Meat Investment Guide Pig

Opportunities for pig production are re-emerging after considerable re-structuring of the industry over the past 20 years. The number of pig farmers in Australia has declined steadily for the past 60 years, from nearly 50,000 in 1960 to just 1,909 in 2012. The number of breeding sows has however been relatively stable, indicating that piggery size has steadily increased and is now at an average of about 170 pigs.


Lot Feeding Investment Guide    Feed lot

Lot feeding is the practice of housing animals in a confined area and providing all nutritional requirements in the form of rations. It allows operators greater control over the quality and timing of supply than is possible with grass finishing, which is subject to seasonal conditions.