Events and our Roads

If you are organising an event in the Buloke Shire which is likely to impact on the roads it's important you notify us.
These impacts may include:

  • car parking for the event
  • full or partial road closures
  • expected traffic congestion
  • higher than usual number of pedestrians
  • access for emergency services
  • On-road events where the road is kept open

You will need to submit an Temporary Road Closure Application form if your event is going to have these or other impacts.

The application form and information to assist you with filling in the application is available on this page.

Make sure you allow plenty of time for your event to be processed as you may also need to get consent from other government bodies such as VicRoads, Victoria Police, other local government or the Department of Transport.  

Event Organisers applying for Temporary Road Closure:

  • Events held within the Shire which require, temporary street closure or any event that may have severe impact on the local roads traffic flow must obtain Council approval. 
  • Event Organisers seeking to close a VicRoads managed road need to contact Vic Roads office, Bendigo for the approval.      
  • Event organisers seeking to close Council managed road, please contact Council for the Temporary Street Closure application form.
  • By consulting with the property owners and occupiers of any property directly affected by the road closures, event organisers can reduce the inconvenience and impact of the road closure. This contributes to the community’s acceptance of events requiring road closure.
  • Submit the:

1. Completed application (please use Capital letters and day time contact Number)

2. Local police consent letter,

3. Copy of current insurance letter,

4. VicRoad accredited person created Traffic management Plan (from accredited organisation.)

5. Details of the organisation assisting with placing and removal of Traffic management control devices.

  • Applications with traffic Management plan (from VicRoad accredited organisation) require a minimum of 20 working days. This includes 14 days objection notice for receive feedback, analyse feedback and resolve issue. 
  • If Council agreed to assist with your Traffic Management Plan. This process will require additional five working days to design a plan. This may also require a meeting with the applicant. 
  • If the event organisers want the Council to assist with the placing and removing of the Traffic management control devices. Organisers need to apply for a Council grant. The organisers need obtain an estimate to place and remove traffic control device, and apply for a Council grant to cover the cost. This process requires more time. This is an independent process. 
  • Please note; closure of local roads, requiring signage on VicRoads managed roads also require VicRoads approval. This process will take also additional time. Depending on the nature of the event, Council may require satisfactory “Event Management Plan” from the organisers.

Please submit your request allowing at least 12 weeks for the complete process.