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Property Valuations

Councils are required by the State Government to revalue all properties within their municipality annually. This means that all properties in Victoria are valued at a common date (1 January). The valuation of your property is used to calculate your rates.

Every year, a qualified valuer is contracted and engaged by Council to determine property values throughout the Shire. The valuer assesses each property in line with Best Practice Guidelines laid down by the Victorian Valuer-General.

The valuer assesses the amount a property would sell for at a specific date. The latest property sales, rental data, land type, buildings and their condition, and property improvements are analysed as part of the valuation process.

Objecting to a Valuation

As a ratepayer you can object to your valuation if you believe your property has been inaccurately or unreasonably valuated.

Objections must be lodged on the prescribed form, within two (2) months of the date of issue of the rate notice. Once an objection notice is received a reassessment will be made on the property. If an adjustment is made to the valuation, your will be issued with a supplementary notice advising of the revised valuation.

If you wish to lodge an objection, please choose the relevant form below and return it to Council:

You can also lodge an objection online directly with the Valuer General's website at

For further information contact one of Council’s Customer Service Officers on 1300 520 520.