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Owner Builders

An owner can carry out the building work involved in the construction, alteration or renovation of a house as an owner/builder if they are not a registered builder.

However the Building Regulations require owner builders to obtain a Certificate of Consent from the Building Practitioners Board in order to get a building permit to carry out any domestic building work over the value of $12,000.

Owners who intend to apply for a building permit as an owner builder must provide their building surveyor with this Certificate of Consent, prior to the issue of the Building Permit. A building permit cannot be issued unless this is presented.

Alternatively an owner can engage a registered builder to carry out the work, who will provide warranty insurance for the project.

Owner builders are restricted to obtaining one Owner/ Builders certificate for a single dwelling and associated works on a single property, in any three year period.

Visit the Building Commission website or Consumer Affairs for more detailed information and advice about being an owner builder.