‘Diversity’ encompasses the range of special-needs groups who are specified in Victoria’s current Aged and Disability Services review agreement with the Commonwealth, which specifically names people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people with dementia, financially disadvantaged people and people in remote or isolated areas.

Diversity planning and practice is underpinned by principles that seek to achieve:

  • equitable access to Aged and Disability Services services by those eligible, regardless of their diversity or disadvantage;
  • a respectful and responsive approach to planning services that acknowledges the community’s, group’s and/or individual’s uniqueness and complexity of need;
  • consideration of diversity as core business, and as central to strategic planning and leadership.
Successful diversity planning and practice is not intended to respond to diversity based on numbers, but instead ensures that appropriate organisational policies are in place, and a skilled and adequately resourced workforce is available to respond effectively to the needs of any person who requires an Aged and Disability Service.