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Buloke Shire has seven elected Councillors, including a Mayor and Deputy Mayor, representing the Shire’s three electoral wards.

Collectively, they are responsible for making decisions about local issues and representing the interests of the Buloke Shire community.

Mayor, Cr Carolyn Stewart (Mount Jeffcott Ward)

Mobile: 0488 032 063 

Stewart 3

Cr Stewart is undertaking her first term as Councillor. A Buloke resident for over 18 years and living in Buckrabanyule, Carolyn is balancing ownership of a cropping and grazing property with both parenthood and her teaching job. She is also a qualified accountant who is keen to see our economy strengthen to provide opportunities for the community including youth.She was elected Mayor in November 2018 and returned in November 2019. 

Cr Daryl Warren (Mount Jeffcott Ward)

Mobile: 0427 194 422 Email:

Warren 1

Cr Warren is a first term Councillor. Daryl has worked in Local Government and is a highly active community member in Buloke. Living in Donald, he has been a key driver for many local projects and initiatives and has a strong focus on financial sustainability. He has served as Deputy Mayor between November 2017 and November 2019. 

Cr Graeme Milne (Mount Jeffcott Ward)

Mobile: 0419 126 911 

Milne 2

Cr Milne is serving his second term as Councillor. An active community member living and working in Watchem. Graeme is passionate about growing our towns and areas, both big and small, by working together.

Deputy Mayor, Cr David Pollard (Lower Avoca Ward) 

Mobile: 0458 918 638 

Pollard 1

Cr Pollard is currently serving a third term as Councillor. David has a long history of volunteerism including with the CFA and Ambulance Victoria. He farms land between Charlton and Wycheproof and also enjoys a love of the arts. David has served three terms as Mayor from November 2011, 2016 and 2017. David was elected Deputy Mayor in November 2019. 

Cr Bronwyn Simpson (Lower Avoca Ward)

Mobile: 0436 914 253 

Cr Simpson

Cr Simpson is a first term Councillor, elected in September 2019. Born and raised in rural Victoria, Bronwyn had a sense of community and volunteerism instilled in her from a young age. Bronwyn and her husband Stephen live in the Yeungroon area and she juggles her passions of crafts and cooking with part time employment in Birchip.

Cr Ellen White (Mallee Ward)

Mobile: 0417 560 706 

White 1

Cr White is currently serving her third term on Council. Ellen farms with her husband in Towaninnie. She is passionate about rural communities, the impacts of climate change and insuring social justice for everyone within the community.

Ellen is able to pursue these passions by being involved in a range of organisations, she is a representative of the Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare network, Central Murray Regional Transport Forum , Buloke Library Advisory Committee,  Economic Development and Tourism committee,  and the Municipal Emergency management planning committee. 

Ellen is also a regular at her local forum meetings where she enjoys being able to keep in touch with the community and any current issues.  

Cr David Vis (Mallee Ward) *Leave of absence until 30 June 2020. 

Mobile: 0488 032 723 Email: 

Vis 1

A first term Councillor, Cr Vis has lived in Sea Lake for 12 years. He is passionate about the area and works hard to grow Buloke communities whilst focusing on business and tourism growth. He has been a member of Advance Sea Lake and is passionate about ensuring his community is heard.