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Septic Tanks

Domestic wastewater is the waste generated by household activities including bathroom, toilet, clothes washing and kitchen cleaning activities. This wastewater contains a high amount of micro-organisms, nutrients and chemicals that are capable of causing human illness.

Many townships do not have a reticulated sewer to dispose of household wastewater and therefore have to rely on domestic on-site wastewater treatment systems. If these are poorly managed they can be a public health or environmental risk. 

In areas where there is no reticulated sewer it is a requirement that a septic tank be installed in accordance with the EPA Code of Practice and other relevant legislation. The system must be an approved system by the Victorian EPA, be installed by a registered plumber as well as adequately maintained. 

For further information please see the EPA website.

If you are installing or making any alterations to a septic tank system you must first apply to Council for a permit to install prior to any works beginning.

To register your septic tank installation or alterations with Council, please fill in the Application for a Permit to Install or Alter a Septic Tank System form.  

For further information, contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 1300 520 520.