Rabbits are the worst and most destructive introduced pest animal in Victoria.

They cause environmental damage to;
  • Native vegetation
  • Competing with native animals for food, water and habitat
  • Cause erosion, soils loss and destabilization to creek and river banks.
  • Cause damage to farming land and crops.
  • Rabbits inflict severe economic costs to agriculture, amenity value of parks and gardens by feeding on plants and digging up turf and are a problem to home gardens.

There is no quick fix to eradicate rabbits and more than one measure is required and landholders need to be persistent.

Legal Responsibility

All landowners are legally required to take measures to control rabbits.  State legislation (Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994) requires landowners to control declared Pest Plants and Animals, including rabbits, on their land.  Control is defined as taking action to minimise their impact and to prevent their spread. 

Buloke Shire Rabbit Project

Between 2009 and 2011, Buloke Shire received funding through the Building the Capacity of Local Government to respond to Pests Program. We undertook approximately 700km of rabbit works on Buloke shire roadsides. These works married in with rabbit control works done by local landcare groups and aligned with the Mallee Action Plan which also supports community action in controlling rabbits within the DPI priority Central Mallee Community Rabbit project area.  

Since the initial funding received, Buloke Shire Council has received funding from the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastrucure to continue works on roadsides and to complete a DEPI approved Roadside Weed and Rabbit Control Plan.  This initiative helps us to plan and manage 'regionally prohibited' and 'regionally controlled' weed and pest animals on rural roadsides in line with State and regional priorities.