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Open Air Burning

Burning off in the open air (including using incinerators), is prohibited by Council's Community Local Law unless a permit is first obtained from Council.

A permit can be obtained by filling out the relevant application form and returning to Council. Please choose the appropriate form depending on whether you are proposing to burn off in a residential or commercial area.

The materials to be burned will be inspected by a Council Officer before a permit is granted. Please note, a permit will not be issued to burn green waste, this can be disposed of at Council's landfill sites.

Materials such as plastic, rubber, paint and other noxious substances should never be burned. Permits will not be granted for the burning of such materials.

Non-burnable bulk waste will need to be disposed of in landfill

For further information on burning off, contact Council's Local Laws Department on 1300 520 520.

If you intend to burn off during the Declared Fire Danger period, or in a rural area please contact CFA District 18 Headquarters in Swan Hill on 1800 820 118.