Playgroups provide an opportunity for families with children aged 0-5 to come together in an inclusive group setting to learn and develop through informal play and social interaction with other families.

Playgroup is a safe and welcoming environment for all parents/guardians/carers and children to meet and mingle in the Buloke Shire.

Supported Playgroup at Buloke Shire Council

Supported Playgroup is a fun, interactive group session coordinated by a qualified playgroup facilitator, for families/carers with children aged 0-5 years.

We encourage parents/guardians/carers and children to get involved in various activities such as singing songs and nursery rhymes.

Supported playgroup aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity for parents/ guardians/ carers to meet with other families in the Buloke Shire
  • Enable children to learn and develop through informal play and social interaction with other children
  • Promote and connect families with local services
  • Promote quality interactions between parents/ carers and their children
  • Develop and build parenting skills.
 Playgroup Term 1, MARCH KELLY 



For more information, please click the links below to download the relevant flyer.

Birchip Playgroup

Charlton Playgroup

Wycheproof Playgroup

We also offer in-home supported playgroup sessions. These can be accessed by families who are unable or do not feel comfortable attending our group sessions.

To confirm your eligibility for this service please contact our Maternal & Child Health Services.

We also offer provide supportive resources such as the Buloke Shire Council Activity Book to provide continuity of activities when at home. 

For more information on Supported Playgroup, other services available to you, or to be connected with our Supported Playgroup Facilitator, please contact Customer Service on 1300 520 520.

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