Buloke Shire Road Closures. Updated 5PM 28/10/2022


Latest roads added to the closed list are highlighted

Road Name TwinShip-/Disrict Closed From Closed To Road category
Arundel St Charlton Baden Powell Rd Gunyah Flat Rd Sealed
Back River Rd Charlton Donald-Charlton Rd Charlton Tree Reserve earth
Back St Arnaud Rd Charlton Calder hwy Charlton - St Arnaud Road Sealed
Back Teddy Waddy Rd Charlton Mildura Way Calder Hwy sealed/gravel
Baden Powell drive Charlton Dews Lane Lundy St Sealed
Baileys Road Sea lake Calder Hwy through to the Point Sealed
Baird's Rd Glenloth Narriwillock Quambatook road Glenloth Rd Earth
Barrakee Rd Woosang Calder Hwy Borung-Charlton Rd Sealed
Barrakee-Buckrabanyule Rd Buckrabanyule Barrakee Rd Wedderburn-Buckrabanyul Rd gravel
Berriwillock-Springfield Rd Berriwillock Berriwillock North Rd  Culgoa Ultima road Sealed
Bish Rd Charlton Boort-Charlton Rd Boort Charlton Rd / Blairs A Rd gravel
Blackwoods Rd Charlton Buckrabanule Nth Rd Wilsons Rd Gravel
Blue Allans Rd  Sea lake Robinvale Sea Lake Hwy Sea lake Swan Hill Rd Earth
Borung Charlton Rd Barrakee Boort - Charlton Road Wychitella-Wedderburn Rd Sealed
Camp St - Donald Donald Donald-Stawell Rd Woods St Sealed
Charlton-Glenloth Rd Glenloth Calder Hwy Glenloth Rd Sealed
Charlton-Swan Hill Rd Wycheproof Boort Wycheproof Rd Glenloth Gravel 
Charlton-Swan Hill Rd Wycheproof Boort-Wycheproof Rd Nullawil-Quambatook Rd Gravel Roads
Churchills Road Glenloth Wycheproof-Boort Rd Glenloth gravel
Cokum-Tittybong Rd Culgoa Howie Smiths Rd Donald-Swan Hill Rd gravel / earth
Coles Rd Wycheproof end of gravel before tyrell creek Tyrell Creek earth
Corack-Wycheproof Rd Wycheproof Donald - Swan Hill Road Calder Hwy sealed
Cossars Rd Glenloth Boort Wycheproof Rd Charlton - Swan Hill Rd Gravel 
Dawsons Rd No 1 Charlton Jeruk River road bish's road earth/gravel
Dews Lane Charlton Calder Hwy Arundel St sealed
Donald Sth Rd Donald Donald-Stawell Rd Sunraysia Highway Sealed
Douglas Rd Charlton Charlton boort Rd Barrakee Rd gravel
Dumosa-Kalpienung Rd Wycheproof Nullawil Quambatook Rd Donald - Swan Hill Road gravel
Edwards Rd Woosang Calder hwy Shire Boundary - Loddon sealed/earth
Ellenwood Ave Charlton Gunyah Flat Rd Avoca River gravel
Elston Rd Wycheproof Calder Hwy Chinamans Rd gravel
Fairview Rd Wycheproof just after cemetary Glenloth earth
Gilmours Rd Cope Cope Swanwater North Rd Devon Park Rd Sealed
Glenloth Rd Glenloth Calder Hwy Narrewillock Quambatook Rd Sealed
Glenloth-Calder Rd Glenloth Calder Hwy Glenloth charlton road gravel
Goddards Rd Wycheproof Wycheproof Corack St Arnaud - Wycheproof Road Sealed/Gravel
Gordon Park Rd (Mildura Way S/R1) Charlton Calder Hwy River Sealed
Grieves St Charlton Halliday St Rutherford St Sealed
Hayes Rd Wycheproof Calder Hwy Nullawil Labert Rd sealed
Hobbs Rd Charlton Charlton-Boort Rd jeruk river road earth
Hoggs Lane Charlton Charlton-St Arnaud Avoca River earth
Jeruk River North Rd Wycheproof Boort-Wycheproof Rd Shire Boundary North end Gravel
Jeruk River Rd Charlton Boort-Wycheproof Rd Boort Chariton Rd Gravel 
Judds Rd Jeruk Jeruk River North Rd Narrawillock-Quambatook Rd Earth
Laen-Cope Cope Rd Donald Donald stawell Road Donald Avon Plains Road Gravel 
Lundy St Charlton Mildura Way Football oval Sealed
Mackies Rd Wycheproof Calder hwy Charlton-Swan Hill Rd gravel
Marlbed- Curyo rd Birchip Sea Lake- Birchip rd Sunraysia Highway Sealed
Mathiskes Tank Rd Culgoa McDonalds Rd Shire Boundary earth
McDonald's Rd Glenloth Calder Hwy Glenloth Rd No2 earth
McIntyre Rd Culgoa culgoa lalbert road Shire Boundary gravel/earth
McIvers Rd Jeruk Jeruk River North Rd Narrawillock-Quambatook Rd earth
Meehans Rd Culgoa Culgoa-Lalbert Rd Hoopers Rd earth
Narrawillock-Quambatook Rd Wycheproof Wycheproof-Boort Rd Shire Boundary North end sealed/gravel
Ninda Turriff Rd Ninda Calder Hwy Ninda North Rd Gravel
Nullawil Labert Rd Wycheproof Culgoa Lalbert Rd Nullawil Quambatook Rd Sealed
Nullawil North Rd Wycheproof Nullawil Quambatook Intersection Dog Netting Rd sealed
Nullawil Quambatook Rd nullawil Charlton - Swan Hill Road Shire Boundary gravel
Nullawil Quambatook Rd Wycheproof Nullawil Nth Rd Donald Swan Hill Rd Sealed 
Olivers Rd No 2 Culgoa McDonalds Rd Shire Boundary earth
Overflows Rd Culgoa Caseys Rd Shire Boundary earth
Pellegrinos Rd Wycheproof Calder Hwy Boyds Rd No 2 gravel
Peverells Rd Glenloth Calder Hwy Charlton-Glenoth Rd earth/gravel
Powers Rd No 2 Culgoa McDonalds Rd Shire Boundary earth
Renneys Road Culgoa Calder Hwy Culgoa Utima road Sealed 
River Rd Charlton Charlton-Jeffcott Rd Seven Mile Rd  earth
River Rd Yeungroon Seven Mile Rd  Shire Boundary Nthn Grampians earth
Ross Rd (Todd Rd) Jeruk/wycheproof Charlton-Swan Hill Road Ninyeunook Rd earth
Rowlings Rd Charlton Narrewillock-Quambatook rd Jeruk River Rd earth
Seven Mile Rd Charlton Charlton-St Arnaud Rd Yeungroon Rd sealed
Seven Mile Rd Yeungroon Jeffcott Rd Charlton-St Arnaud Rd earth/gravel/sealed
Smales Rd Buckrabanyule Charlton-Borung Rd  Barrakee-Buckrabunyal road Earth 
Teddywaddy-School Rd Charlton Calder Hwy Charlton-Glenoth Rd sealed
Tomamichel Rd Culgoa Bulls Rd Shire Boundary earth
Tower Rd Donald Jeffcott School Bus Rd Wyche/StArnaud Rd earth
Traynors Lagoon Rd Cope Cope Sunraysia Hwy Marnoo East Rd Sealed
Waitchie Rd  Sea Lake Robinvale-Sea Lake Road Shire Boundary gravel/earth
Warne road Culgoa Calder Hwy Berriwillock- Birchip road Sealed 
Warne Silo Rd Culgoa Calder hwy Warne Rd Gravel
Watchem West School Bus Rd Massey Massey Bangerang Rd Watchem-Warracknabeal Rd Sealed
Watson St Charlton Back St. Arnaud Rd Menzies St sealed
Wedderburn Buckrabanule Rd Charlton Barrakee-Buckrabanule Rd Borung Charlton Rd Sealed
White Elephant Rd Jeruk Jeruk River North Rd Narrawillock-Quambatook Rd earth
Wilsons Rd Charlton Borung Charlton Rd Blackwoods Rd Gravel
Wright St Charlton Charlton - St Arnaud Road Back St. Arnaud Rd gravel
Yeungroon Rd Charlton Calder Hwy Seven Mile Rd Sealed
Yeungroon Woosang Rd Yeungroon East Calder Hwy Yeungroon Rd sealed