If you would like to book one of Council’s Venues for a function, please contact one of Council’s Customer Service Officers on 1300 520 520 to enquire about venue availability.

You will then need to fill out the Council Buildings Application for Hire Form and return it to Council. If you wish to use the venue on a regular basis, complete the Regular Users section of the form. A letter of confirmation will then be posted to the applicant with pricing and terms and conditions.

Council has resolved to make its venues available free of charge to Community Groups - defined as 'Groups who meet for the purpose of providing a service for the community’s benefit'**.

Events or Groups defined by the following categories will be eligible to have hire fees waived:

  • Ceremonies held in recognition of Australia Day or Anzac Day. 
  • Community Group: A community group is a community based non- for-profit organisation or association of persons where open membership and participation in activities is encouraged. A community group may take part in profit-making activities, but the surplus is reinvested in pursuit of the group’s goals. A Community Group may be: 
  • **An organisation whose primary aim is to provide services and benefits to the community (e.g. Lions Clubs, Community Forums, Business Networks, Schools, and Sporting Clubs)
  • Special interest or Advocacy Groups for particular sections of the community (e.g. Senior Citizens, Probus, Red Cross). This does not include political parties or groups.
  • Neighbourhood or shared interest groups.