Frequently Asked Questions

Do the sensors capture personal information?

No identifiable data is being captured for this project.


Why does the councils want to monitor asset utilisation of public assets and spaces?

The information obtained from high quality continuous utilisation monitoring is extremely useful for the Council and other organisations. The data will only capture and present volume of utilisation (count the number of entities) in an area and can be used to

  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of ongoing and major events in the community
  • Provides data for service reviews and asset scheduling/maintenance
  • Informs planning and implementation activities or proposals
  • Understand the changes in activity in relation to cyclic and ad-hoc events


How is the data managed?

The system comprises of sensors to detect movement which counts the number of entities in the space then complies the count and sends it every hour to the gateway. The gateway uses a public access network to transmit the collected data to the software for data analysis, reporting and visualisation. 


Will the public data be made available to the community?

Yes – the intention of the project is all public data will be available to the community and other organisations as the data is non identifiable information.