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Buloke Library Book Review

Buloke Library Book Reviews

Welcome to the Buloke Library Service Book Reviews.

Adele Allcock’s Review:

Book Review - Adele Allcock

The Winter Road
By Kate Holden

“Kate Holden, the Australian female writer brings her discerning eye to a gripping tale of law, land and inheritance.

July 2014, a lonely road at twilight outside Croppa Creek, New South Wales, an 80 year old farmer Ian Turnbull takes out a .22 and shoots Environmental Officer Glen Turner in the back. On one side, a farmer hoping to secure his family’s wealth on the richest agricultural soil in the country. On the other, his obsession – the government staff trying to apply Environmental Laws.

This female author provides a gripping account of greed, power and desire which results in terrible consequences. It’s a true Australian story of a man and his land, told by an acclaimed female storyteller.”

Georgina Case’s Review:


Book Review - Georgina Case

Making Dogs Happy: A Guide to How They Think, What They Do (and Don't) Want, and Getting to "Good Dog!" Behaviour

By Dr Melissa Starling & Professor Paul McGreevy
World-Leading Experts on Dog Behaviour
Murdoch Books (2018)
ISBN:   9781760631222

“I’ve just bought a puppy for me & my 6 year old dog, who I felt needed companionship while I was at work.  I didn’t have to do much training for my older dog as she is little & when all else fails, is easy to pick up.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to do that with my new puppy. That’s where, “Making Dogs Happy” by Melissa Starling & Paul McGreevy comes in handy.  
With an easy to read style that is based on scientific research, Starling & McGreevy leads you through the ways of being a good human to your dogs but still remain The Leader of the Pack!”