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Registration and Microchipping

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Animal Registration

Registering your pets is necessary under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 (Victoria), and greatly improves the chances of your pets being returned to you if they become lost.

Dogs and cats over three months of age must be registered and microchipped.

Registrations must be renewed by 10 April each year. New registration payments will cover your pet until the 10, April.

In February/March each year, Council will send animal registration renewal notices to all owners of previously registered animals. However, this is a reminder only, and compliance with the law remains the responsibility of individual pet owners. You may incur a fine if you fail to do so.

To register your pet, fill out the  Animal Registration Form and return to PO Box 1, Wycheproof, Victoria 3527. Alternatively, visit the Wycheproof Office or call 1300 520 520.


Microchipping provides the most secure and permanent way for your cat or dog to be identified if they go missing. This permanent form of identification is the size of a grain of rice and is placed under the skin of your dog or cat's neck by a trained veterinarian. The chip is harmless and does not interfere with the animal in any way. Each chip contains a unique number that allows the owner’s contact details to be instantly identified. These details are held in a state-wide register that can be accessed by all councils and veterinarians in Victoria.

Remember, microchip details are only useful if they are up to date, so make sure you notify Council when your details change, including if your animal is sold, given away or dies.

Animal Registration Fees



State Government Levy - The fee payable includes a State Government Levy of $3.50 for each dog and $2.00 for each cat registration and is primarily used to fund responsible pet ownership educational programs conducted by State government.

  • Pensioner Discount
  • Under the 2004 No. 82 a Pensioner discount applies to Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card, Department Veterans Affairs TPI or War Widow Card holders only.  The onus of proof is on the applicant.  Documentation should be forwarded to support the application for Pensioner Concession.    
  • Excess Animal Permits
  • Buloke Shire Council's Local Law requires a permit to be obtained to keep more than two dogs and/or two cats in a township area and six dogs and/or cats outside a township area. An will need to be completed if you exceed these limits.    
  • Change of Details
  • You must complete a Change of Animal Details Form if: You sell or give away your pet Your pet has been desexed or microchipped Your pet is now deceased.
  • Change of Ownership
  • If you have purchased an animal from another person they will need to complete a change of ownership with the 1300 734 738.

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