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Roads, Drains & Footpaths

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Roads, Drains and Footpaths

In this section you'll find information on everything relating to roads, drains, footpaths, bus shelters, signage, traffic management and street furniture including permit applications.  

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Information on Council's responsibility and role in managing roads and drainage systems within Buloke Shire.
Footpaths are provided to the community to facilitate a safe, convenient and defined means for pedestrian movement alongside roadways .
Road Management Plan
The Plan outlines our road management responsibilities and details the standards of road maintenance service for roads within this municipality.
Roads and Works
Buloke Shire Council’s local road network is over 5,300 kms approximately 1,000 kms of sealed road and 4,300 kms unsealed roads.
Roadsides and Naturestrips
Council encourages all residents maintain their nature strips as part of their front lawn. Roadsides in rural areas are the responsibility of Council.
Wherever practicable, street signs and directional signs shall be erected within the Council District.
Traffic Management
Traffic Management needs to be considered where an event disrupts the normal flow of traffic or pedestrian access e.g. parades and marches.

Vehicle Crossings (Driveways)

Buloke Shire maintains the existing vehicle crossing in the existing kerb and channel networks.

To learn more about requirements or advice on constructing a driveway or crossing view the Vehicle Crossing information sheet.

You can also view Vehicle Crossing Design example 1 or Vehicle Crossing Design example 2.

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