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Our publications2

Please choose from the below list of publications.
Revised Council Plan 2015 - 2019
Revised Council Plan 2015 - 2019
Stories of the Flood 2010 - 2011
Stories of the Flood and Examining the Buloke Shire’s Largest Ever Flood Publications
Documents available for Public Inspection
The Local Government Act requires each Council to make a number of documents available for inspection at the Council office upon request.
Meeting Procedure and Common Seal Local Law No.15
Meetings Procedure & Use of Common Seal are to regulate the proceedings of Ordinary and Special Meetings.
Community Local Laws
Buloke Shire Council's Community Local Laws sets some standards for the condition and appearance of land in the municipality.
Council's Annual Budgets available for review.
Policies are a representation of the values that Council will take into consideration during its decision making process.
Information about the Council Plans of Buloke Shire Council.
Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct clarifies the standards of behaviour that are expected within our organisation.
Council Plan
The Council Plan is a comprehensive overview of Council's values, commitments and activities.
Annual Report
The Annual Report provides an overview of how Council has managed its responsibilities over the past financial year.

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