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The News and Consultation section contains a range of options to keep people informed on current projects and activities, news items, publications; and opportunities for consultation and input into important decisions.

This is the most regularly changing section of the website - with the latest information. Stay informed by regularly visiting this page.

Childcare Meeting

You are invited to attend a Childcare meeting in Wycheproof on Tuesday, 13 December 2016 from 10.30am until noon in the Wycheproof Supper Room, 367 Broadway.

The session will be attended by influential members of both Parliament and the Department, the very people who set regulations for the state.

It is important that as many parents as possible attend to demonstrate that rural families are disadvantaged by the current childcare regulations and funding models.

The session, designed to be brief and focussed, is about hearing what communities have done to overcome the barriers to childcare and what has not been successful so that we can learn from each other’s experiences. As the key stakeholder, your attendance is pivotal.

Children are most welcome and there will be refreshments to follow.

RSVP’s would be appreciated for catering purposes on 1300 520 520.

Community Update

7 December 2016  Did you catch our Community Update in the newspapers this week?

Donald Projects Completed

7 December 2016    Buloke Shire Council has recently completed a number of important local projects in the Donald community.

Full details here.

Charlton Library Update

As many of you are aware Goldfields Library Corporation will cease providing library services in to Charlton from 30 December 2016.

As an interim measure between 1 January 2017 and 30 June 2017 the Wimmera Regional Library Corporation (WRLC) will be covering the service provision.

In order to ensure a smooth transition for library users, WRLC employee Marion Watts will be available on the Goldfields Mobile Bus on Friday, 25 November and Friday, 9 December whilst the Goldfields Mobile Library is visiting Charlton to add people on to the WRLC system.

If you are unable to make those dates, you will still be able to sign up at any time once the WRLC commences on 13 January 2017 between 8:30am and 11:30am in the same location as the current mobile library on alternate Friday mornings.

In addition WRLC will be able to collect any items you borrow from Goldfields Library Corporation between now and the end of December and return them on your behalf.

Council will be in a position to provide more information to the Charlton community and wider Buloke community about the way in which their library service will continue to be delivered after 30 June 2017 during January 2017.

A number of library working groups have been established to ensure that all towns within Buloke have a fantastic library service into the future.

If you have any queries please contact Council’s Director of Community Development on 1300 520 520 or by emailing buloke@buloke.vic.gov.au.

Buloke Shire Councillors Take the Oath

Watch your Councillors take the White Ribbon Day Oath. You can take it too at https://www.whiteribbon.org.au/ https://youtu.be/k3QcO3jApZM

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

From Friday 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10 December, Human Rights Day, is the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

In the video below, Rosie Batty explains a four-step approach to identifying and responding to a family violence situation - ask, name it, refer, follow up. 


Green Lake Project Progresses

17 November 2016    The initial stages of a project to return water to Green Lake have begun. Preparation of a business case to complete works to stop the leaking at Green Lake is underway.

Full details here.

Roadside Slashing Update

17 November 2016    The Fire Danger Period commenced on 14 November and Council has completed its first round of slashing across the sealed road network. The flooding in September caused wet roadside shoulders which impacted on the first round, seeing cuts of only one width completed.

The second round of slashing is now underway and with drying shoulders Council will be cutting two widths on both sides of the roads where practical.

VicRoads continues to work through their slashing program across the major road network.

“Council encourages farmers wanting to slash roadsides to speak with Council’s Environmental Compliance Officer on 1300 520 520. Council will respond to requests promptly to ensure works can be undertaken as quickly as possible’, said Mayor, Cr David Pollard.

November Meeting Wrap

15 November 2016      Buloke Shire Council’s November Ordinary Meeting was the first for the newly sworn in Council.

Council resolved to submit a funding application of $100,000 for the Donald Recreation Reserve. Amongst other agenda items, the Domestic Wastewater Management Plan was adopted, a request to seek authorisation for a proposed planning scheme amendment was approved and an expression of interest application was endorsed for shade upgrades to four of Council’s swimming pools.

Full details here.

Feedback sought on Donald Protection Levees

11 November 2016  Buloke Shire Council is calling for community feedback on the Donald Flood Protection Levees.

A period of community consultation is now underway and Council is seeking feedback on the devised plans. Plans can be viewed in person at: The Donald Community Centre (31 Wood Street), The Donald Community Hub (17 Wood Street) or at Council’s Donald Office (31 McCulloch Street). You can the plans are also here.

Full details here.

Next Term Declared in Buloke

31 October 2016    The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) declared Councillors Elect for Buloke on Monday morning.

A new look Council comprising three returning Councillors and four first time Councillors has been elected.

In the Lower Avoca Ward David Pollard returns for a third term as Councillor along with new Councillor John Shaw.

Ellen White returns for a third term in the Mallee Ward with incoming David Vis.

Mount Jeffcott Ward will be represented by the newly elected Carolyn Stewart and Daryl Warren along with the returning Graeme Milne.

The Councillors Elect will take the Oath of Office at this Wednesday’s Statutory Meeting from 7.00pm in the Wycheproof Supper Room. All members of the public are welcome.

Rural Support Contacts List

View the Key Contact Numbers for Rural Support.

Australia Day Awards

Council proposes to recognise outstanding contributions to the community by presentation of the following awards for the whole of the Buloke Shire.

Citizen of the Year (for persons 27 years or older on 26 January 2017).

Young Citizen of the Year (for persons under 27 years of age on 26 January 2017).

The basic criterion for the Awards in these two categories is persons who have made a noteworthy contribution during the current year and/or given outstanding service to the local community over a number of years.

Community Event of the Year Award (Presented to the person/group who has staged the most outstanding community event).

Nominations for this Award are invited from organisations or individuals and should be accompanied by a citation setting out the community contribution made by the nominee, and a full description of the Event.

Nominations are to be received by close of business Friday, 18 November 2016 and should be addressed to: Mr John Hicks, Chief Executive Officer Buloke Shire Council, P O Box 1, Wycheproof Victoria 3527.

Council will announce the winners of the Awards on Australia Day 2017 at the community celebrations.

In order to arrange for the winners to be present for the presentation, the nominee and the winner will be notified in confidence, prior to the event. The unsuccessful nominations will be notified in writing after Australia Day 2017.

Roadsides Update 


With the recent wet Buloke has experienced there has been substantial vegetation growth on roadsides. Council is currently undertaking the roadside slashing program for line of sight safety on sealed roads and fire management on roads identified in the Municipal Fire Management Plan.This has been delayed by the recent rainfall and soft nature of the shoulders but is still scheduled to be completed by the end of November.

In urban township areas owners have been advised to clean up their yards as Council commences its fire inspection process.

In rural areas, farmers are asking what they can do to minimise the fire risk but still meet environmental regulations.

There are three different steps farmers can take:

  • If the road is the responsibility of VicRoads, farmers will need to apply directly to them for consent to slash.

  • Implement fire breaks inside the fence line

  • If farmers wish to do their own slashing on Council roadsides, Council’s Environmental Compliance Officer will inspect the area and advise them within seven days if consent is granted to slash.  

Farmers are not able to spray, plough or rip the roadsides.

For more information contact Council on 1300 520 520

Wet Conditions Raise Spraying Concerns

Agriculture Victoria is reminding farmers of the importance of correctly using agricultural chemicals during wetter periods to ensure that the risks of unwanted outcomes are minimised.

Agriculture Victoria Statewide Specialist for Chemicals Steven Field said the recent wet conditions may result in farmers feeling significant pressure to use chemicals for a range of reasons.

"Farmers may be aware that fungicides could be in short supply in some areas and they may look to use a chemical on a crop that it is not registered for.

"That is why we are encouraging farmers to ensure they take into account their legal obligations and don't take short cuts", he said.

"Inappropriate chemical use may result in a range of adverse outcomes such as unacceptable residues, increased resistance, or spray drift." 

Mr Field said many farmers may be considering whether to apply a fungicide to their crop, if they haven't done so already.  

Some important things farmers must be aware of are to:

•Only use Schedule 7 Dangerous Poisons in strict accordance with the label and not to use them unless they hold an Agricultural Chemical User Permit.

•Not use other agricultural chemicals (e.g. Schedule 5 or 6 chemicals) at a rate greater than the maximum label rate, more frequently than the label states, or in contravention of any prohibitive ('DO NOT') statements.

•Not spray any chemical in inappropriate conditions, such as in strong winds, inversion conditions, where there is a high risk of causing spray drift onto neighbouring crops, pasture, or other sensitive areas such as houses and waterways.

Peak industry bodies like the Grains Research and Development Corporation, Pulse Australia and others have published guidance material for farmers which compliments farmer's responsibilities to ensure they read and understand the individual product label prior to use.

For more information on agricultural chemical use in Victoria please contact the Agriculture Victoria Customer Service Centre on 136 186 or visit the website at: http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/agriculture/farm-management/chemical-use

Council meets with Minister

19 October 2016     Buloke Shire Council met with Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development, Jaala Pulford MP in Horsham earlier this month to discuss the progression of the Donald Community Precinct project.

Mayor, Cr Reid Mather and Director Works and Technical Services, Anthony Judd were joined by Donald Community Precinct committee member Emma Vogel to update the Minister on plans and project costings.

Minister Pulford continues to demonstrate support for the project to be realised over the next two to three years. The project, which was an enormous success on the “Our Say” online forum, currently has funding commitments from local and federal governments, as well as the Donald community.

Council was well received by Minister Pulford.

Community Update

19 October 2016  Did you catch our Community Update in the newspapers this week?

Free Household Green Waste


Inspections of all urban properties across Buloke Shire to identify potential fire hazards will commence in October. Owners of urban properties are asked to ensure maintenance works have been undertaken on their property to reduce the threat of fire. This includes mowing/slashing of high grass, stacking of all dry timber, removal of flammable rubbish and proper storage of flammable materials.

To assist residents in this task, all of Council’s landfills and transfer stations will be accepting household green waste free of charge until 23 October 2016. So now is the time to clean up for the upcoming fire season.


The recent rain and floods have provided an environment conducive to mosquitos and breeding.

In Victoria, mosquitos can carry diseases such as Ross River virus or Barmah Forest virus, which can be passed on to people through mosquito bites.

The following information will assist in avoiding mosquito bites and prevent their breeding in and around your home.

To avoid being bitten:

Wear long pants, socks and long-sleeved shirts and apply an insect repellent containing N, N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide (DEET) or pircaridin to your skin. Always follow the directions on the repellent’s product label and take care when using repellents on small children. Avoid parts of children’s hands that may touch their eyes or mouth.

Household hints:

  • Clean up around your house and dispose of tins, tyres, bottles, buckets and other rubbish which may hold water and overturn boats to prevent pooling of water.

  • Keep drains and roof guttering free of leaves and debris.

  • Empty children's wading pools weekly.

  • Install and maintain fly wire screens on all windows and doors.

  • Exclude mosquitoes from water tanks and septic systems by ensuring that they have close fitting tops, lids, covers and that all inlet and outlet pipes are screened.

  • Stock fish in garden ponds and operate water features regularly to inhibit mosquito breeding.

  • If your pond is not stocked with fish or water plants, a small amount of kerosene or paraffin oil poured onto the water surface will inhibit mosquito breeding.  *Note - Kerosene and paraffin oil may kill fish and plants.

  • Regularly change the water in vases, bird baths and pets bowls.

  • Place sand in pot-plant saucers to absorb excess water.

  • Chemical barrier treatments applied to exterior walls and eaves can reduce mosquito populations around the home.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 1300 520 520.

Funding and Hardship Grants

As we move into the recovery phase of the Charlton flood event, the Department of Health and Human Services are available to discuss funding and hardship grants for those affected. They will be available today in the Council chambers in Charlton to discuss your needs, should you have any.

Cr Reid Mather Calls Time

15 September 2016    Buloke Shire Council Mayor, Cr Reid Mather, today announced he would not be re-standing in next month’s local government elections after over thirteen years representing the Shire’s Mallee Ward including nine years as Mayor.

Full details here.

CEO Resigns

15 September 2016    The Chief Executive Officer of the Buloke Shire Council, John Hicks, gave notice yesterday, Wednesday 14 September, of his resignation to be effective as of 3 February 2017.

Full details here.

Call For Candidates For Upcoming Buloke Shires Council Elections

5 September 2016    Nominations to stand as a candidate for the 2016 Buloke Shire Council Elections open Thursday 15 September 2016.

Full details here.

Buloke Major Towns Streetscape Draft Masterplans

Birchip blacksmith mural

Help Shape the Future

15 August 2016   Buloke Shire Council is seeking expressions of interest from active library users to form reference groups in each township to help shape the future of their library service.

Full details here.

August Council Meeting Wrap

15 August 2016   At its August Ordinary Meeting, Buloke Shire Council released its external review into library services to the public. Council will now form reference groups in its ten townships as it works with the community to work through the options to improve the service.

Full details here.

Review of Buloke Library Services

This report provides a review of library services provided to communities within Buloke Shire. Council released the review to the public at the 10 August 2016 Ordinary Meeting of Council.

View the Review of Library Services

Draft Domestic Wastewater Management Plan 2016-20

The Domestic Wastewater Management Plan 2016-20 has been developed to assist Council’s Environmental Health Officers in the assessment of wastewater issues within the municipality and provide appropriate strategies and actions to manage any existing and future problems relating to onsite wastewater management. It is exhibited for public comment until 5.00pm 12 September 2016.

View the draft Domestic Wastewater Management Plan

Municipal Heat Health Plan

The Municipal Heat Health Plan has been developed as part of Council's emergency management planning process on the basis that it is expected that with climate change the community will be experiencing more frequent and intense extreme-heat and heatwave events.

View the Municipal Heat Health Plan

Meals on Wheels Needs You

25 July 2016  Volunteerism is an essential part of what makes Buloke a great place to live. Buloke currently has around 120 volunteers helping out with Meals on Wheels, and they are looking for fellow community members to join them in this important work.

Full details here.

Application Leads to Success

19 July 2016 It has been a highly successful year for grant applications for Buloke Shire Council.

Full details here.

July Council Meeting Wrap

14 July 2016  It was a full agenda at Buloke Shire Council’s July Ordinary Meeting. The allocation of funding available through the Drought Communities Program as well as management reports on the impacts of the Maitreya Festival, grant applications successes, customer satisfaction survey and the Hobsons Bay friendship alliance anniversary were key items. Council also adopted an updated Road Management Plan.

Full details here.

Drought Communities Funding Allocated

14 July 2016 Buloke Shire Council allocated funding available through the Drought Communities Program at its July Ordinary Meeting.

Full details here.

Local Clubs to Share in Funding

14 July 2016 Three local cricket clubs are amongst 15 state wide to receive funding through Cricket Victoria's Drought Response Grants.

Full details here. 

Why are Men's Sheds so Important?

Did you know Buloke boasts five Men's Sheds? Birchip, Charlton, Donald, Sea Lake and Wycheproof each have an active, engaged Men's Shed group. So why is this so important?

Full details here.

Donald Weir Pool Steering Committee Formed

29 June 2016  Work on providing the Donald Weir Pool with a supplementary supply from the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline has commenced and a steering committee formed.

Full details here.

Sustainable Farm Families

Victorian farm families who have been affected by drought are encouraged to take a positive step towards their health by participating in the Sustainable Farms Families Program.  

Full details here.

Culgoa Landfill Update

23 June 2016 Council is working with affected residents as it commences the closure of the Culgoa landfill which is now virtually full. Council will close the Culgoa landfill by 5 December 2016 and rehabilitate the site.

Full details here.

Maternal and Child Health Service Update

17 June 2016 Buloke Shire Council’s Maternal and Child Health Service has undergone some recent minor changes that do not impact on the services provided.

Full details here.

Buloke Open for Business

16 June 2016 Buloke is the true agricultural heartland, with a long and proud history of generational farming communities at its core. In recent years Buloke has taken some giant leaps forward, diversifying its industries as it positions itself against climatic factors and develops new economic streams.

Full details here.

June Council Meeting Wrap

10 June 2016 At its June Ordinary Meeting, Buloke Shire Council adopted its Budget for 2016/17.  Council also endorsed its reviews of the Council Plan, Economic Development Strategy and the Strategic Resource Plan.

Full details here.     Buloke Shire Council Budget 2016-17

Buloke Bucks Winners!

In August last year Council launched the “Buloke Bucks” initiative to promote alternative ways to pay rates.

Rate payers only needed to elect to pay their rates in either four instalments or by nine direct debit instalments to be eligible to win one of four $500 vouchers.  Rate payers with existing arrangements to make nine direct debit instalments were automatically entered.

We are excited to announce the four winners!

J. Tuder of Donald, G. Sellick of Donald and MH & BJ Bayles of Donald. Each of these lucky winners win a $500 voucher for the Buloke business of their choice.

The fourth winner is The estate of G. Quick. This winning entry will receive a $500 credit against rates on the property.

Metro Council Urges Other to Support RURAL LIVING Campaign

Melbourne council Hobsons Bay is urging other metropolitan councils to support people in rural and regional Victoria by joining the RURAL LIVING campaign.

Hobsons Bay is the first metropolitan council to join the RURAL LIVING campaign, initiated by Buloke Shire Council last year. The goal of the campaign is to seek agreement from State and Federal governments for all Victorians to receive a basic minimum level of services.

Full details here.

Council Celebrates 10 Years of Friendship

31 May 2016 It was billed as “a hand up, not a handout” at its genesis.  Ten years on, and Buloke Shire Council and Hobsons Bay City Council came together to celebrate their enduring Friendship Alliance with its milestone on Friday and Saturday of last week.

Full details here.

Buloke Granted Rate Increase

31 May 2016 The Essential Services Commission Victoria (ESCV) has this morning announced it has approved Buloke Shire Council’s application for a rates increase of 3.05% for the 2016/17 year. This is 0.55% higher than the rate cap of 2.5% determined by the Minister for Local Government.  

Full details here.

Buloke to Receive Drought Communities Funding

23 May 2016 The recent inclusion of Buloke Shire Council as a Declared Council under the Drought Communities Programme (DCP) qualifies Buloke to submit proposals to the Commonwealth Government to seek funding of up to $1.5million.

Full details here.

Funding Assistance to Address the Plight of Rural Kindergartens

23 May 2016 A recent announcement by the State Government of changes to the funding formula applicable to rural kindergartens is welcome news indeed, and a cause for much joy throughout the local kindergarten community.

Full details here.

Let's Recognise our Inspiring Community Workers

23 May 2016 The search is on for individuals, businesses and community groups that are making a difference in our local community through the annual Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Awards.

Mayor, Cr Reid Mather, invites all residents to consider nominating an individual, business or group that is helping to reshape and inspire our community.

More information including categories.

News Archive

Please click here for a comprehensive archive of previous Buloke Shire Council Media Releases.


Rural Living Campaign



Buloke Shire Council in north-central Victoria launched the Rural Living campaign to seek recognition at top government level that unless rural people have access to a basic suite of services, we will see our communities become more and more unliveable. In Buloke Shire and many other rural Victorian shires, our residents are disadvantaged compared to their city counterparts because we simply cannot deliver the level of services they are entitled to. RURAL LIVING seeks agreement to the concept that all Victorians, including the residents of small rural shires, are worthy of a specific minimum set of service levels.

View the latest RURAL LIVING press release.


Rural Living Logo View on Facebook 

You can show your support for RURAL LIVING by sharing this Facebook page and adding your voice to the campaign for equal services for rural people.



Stories of the Flood 2010 - 2011
Stories of the Flood and Examining the Buloke Shire’s Largest Ever Flood Publications
Community Grants and Sponsorship
Amended Community Grants and Sponsorship Guidelines, including relevant application forms are now available.
Revised Council Plan 2015 - 2019
Revised Council Plan 2015 - 2019
Road Management Plan
The Plan outlines our road management responsibilities and details the standards of road maintenance service for roads within this municipality.

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