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The News and Consultation section contains a range of options to keep people informed on current projects and activities, news items, publications; and opportunities for consultation and input into important decisions.

This is the most regularly changing section of the website - with the latest information. Stay informed by regularly visiting this page.

ANZAC Day Ceremonies in Buloke

A full list of ANZAC Day ceremonies across Buloke Shire is available here.

Community Update

18 April 2017    Did you catch our Community Update in the newspapers this week?

Planning Scheme Amendment C27- Donald and Charlton Floodway Overlays

Following the recent completion of the works on the Charlton-St. Arnaud Road and at the request of Planning Panels Victoria, we are advising the Charlton community that Council and the North Central Catchment Management Authority will be recommending that the Panel adopts the alternate map being Map 3 for the Charlton Township.

Following Community consultation over the exhibited Amendment C27, letters were sent out to properties showing:

Map 1 – the existing overlay controls in Charlton for Land Subject to Inundation and Floodway.

Map 2 – the proposed amendment controls as exhibited.

Map 3 – the impact works on Charlton – St. Arnaud would have on the overlay controls (a reduction in the proposed application and extent of the Floodway Overlay in particular).

You can view the maps by clicking on each link above.

The Planning Panel met on Friday, 24 March 2017. Read the panel report.  

Community Forum Summit a Success

13 April 2017       Community members from across Buloke met with Councillors and Council Officers in Wycheproof on Monday night at Buloke Shire Council’s latest Community Forum Summit. The summit is designed to give community forums an opportunity to discuss their community’s priorities informing the priorities in the annual budget and council plan.

Full details here.

Culgoa Bin Bank

13 April 2017      After the closure of the Culgoa landfill in December last year a bin bank was established in the township. This is to be in place for a period of at least 12 months with a review of the measure to take place in December of this year.

The bin bank is in place to cater for household rubbish and recyclables primarily for farm residents who do not have access to the kerbside pick-up service. The dumping of hard rubbish or green waste is not permitted. Any items too large to be placed into the provided bins are to be taken to the nearest landfill or transfer station in Birchip, Sea Lake or Wycheproof. Bins are continually being added or reduced depending on usage to ensure local resident’s needs are met.

Signage has been erected at the bin bank site to clearly outline appropriate use and to assist the local community. There is also helpful signage that explains which items can be recycled.

Wooroonook Lake Reopened.

Recent tests on Blue Green Algae (BGA) at Wooronook Lake have indicated there remains small traces of algae within the lake water. Whilst there are traces of BGA, these are below toxic levels, and therefore the lake has been reopened in time for Easter. Buloke Shire Council will continue to monitor the toxic algae levels at Wooroonook over the next few weeks to ensure these levels don’t increase.

Charlton Flood Mitigation Levee Works Fly-over Presentation  

The Charlton flood and drainage management plan implementation steering committee identified community support for a range of flood mitigation treatments including the reinstatement of the floodway on Charlton St Arnaud Road and the design of a levee(s) to prevent floodwaters from entering the township.

A 3D fly-over of the proposed levee was presented to the community at afternoon and evening sessions on Monday, 27 March at the Rex Theatre, Charlton.

View the presentation https://youtu.be/Z-inWlhnnqU

You can also view the map showing the proposed layout of the levee.

Public consultation is extended to close of business Friday, 28 April 2017.

Submissions to the proposed levee and associated flood mitigation works should be forwarded to:

Charlton flood mitigation levee

Buloke Shire Council

Postal: PO Box 1 Wycheproof  VIC  3527

Email: buloke@buloke.vic.gov.au

Further information is available by contacting Warren Hemopo on 1300 520 520.

Charlton Flood Levee Consultation Extended

7 April 2017    Council has extended the period of public consultation for the proposed Charlton levee and associated flood mitigation works until Friday, 28 April 2017.

Full details here.

Fruit Fly Bites 

23 March 2017      Council is continuing to receive numerous requests in relation to fruit fly instances. Buloke Shire sits outside the fruit fly exclusion zone, so there is no state government funding to address the situation.

Full details here.

Warning For Lake Buloke

10 March 2017    Local residents and visitors are being warned there is a suspected occurrence of botulism in the water birds at Lake Buloke.

Read the DELWP Media Release here.

Queensland Fruit Fly in Victoria

Queensland fruit fly (QFF) (Bactrocera tryoni) attacks a wide range of fruits and fruiting vegetables, leaving them inedible.

Produce damaged by QFF can cause real disappointment for home gardeners. If left uncontrolled, QFF can lead to total crop losses.

Managing QFF in your garden can be a challenge; however as with all pests, there are various strategies you can implement to protect your home-grown produce.

To learn more view this helpful guide or visit www.preventfruitfly.com.au

Stay Safe in a Power Outage

As the summer heat continues, the Victorian Government’s summer campaign, Your Guide to Power Outages, is seeking to help Victorians keep safe during a power outage in bushfires and extreme weather conditions.  

While Victoria has very reliable electricity supply, power outages can happen – particularly during heatwaves, bushfires and grassfires.

A guide has been produced Your Guide to Power Outages with a call to action: It only takes a few simple things to prepare.

Some simple tips include having access to:

·    A torch or battery-operated light

·    A phone that doesn’t rely on electricity (such as a fully-charged mobile phone)

·    A battery powered radio for news and updates

·    Fresh water (if you rely on an electric pump for water)

·    The faults and emergencies contact number from your latest bill.

Summer is also a time to check on elderly or vulnerable relatives and neighbours .

There’s a lot of useful advice online.

Visit www.delwp.vic.gov.au/poweroutages for more information on how to get prepared, or call the Customer Service Centre on 13 61 86.

Pollard on Mayoral Advisory Panel 

21 February 2017     Buloke Shire Council Mayor, Cr David Pollard has been appointed to the 2017 Local Government Mayoral Advisory Panel alongside Mayors from 12 other Local Government Areas.

Full details here.


Council has funding to identify and treat areas of concern relating to mosquitoes throughout the Buloke Shire.

If you know of any areas where mosquitoes are currently a problem, please contact Council’s Public Health Officer on 1300 520 520.

Buloke Shares in Funding

16 February 2017    Four Buloke communities have shared in $2.3 million dollars of funding announced by the State Government to help drought proof recreational facilities. These announcements are in addition to previous funding commitments to the Charlton and Donald Recreation Reserves.

Full details here.

Planning Scheme Amendment C33

There are three documents available for inspection relating to Planning Scheme Amendment C33. 

Notice of Preparation of Amendment.          Explanatory Report.          Amendment C33 Map.

BlazeAid hits Birchip

13 February 2017    BlazeAid has set up camp in Birchip following fires in the Watchem, Watchupga and Woomelang areas that recently destroyed many kilometres of fencing.

Full details here.

Australia Day Awards 2017

27 January 2017     Graeme Harris (Citizen of the Year), Mary-Anne Pollard (Young Citizen of the Year) and the Back to Berriwillock have been honoured at Australia Day functions across Buloke.

Full details here.

Buloke Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

16 December 2016     Lucy Roffey has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of Buloke Shire Council commencing on 4 February 2017.

Full details here.

Won't Somebody Please Think of the Children?

14 December 2016     Buloke Shire Council’s childcare discussion session held on Tuesday, 13 December enjoyed an excellent attendance and has thrown up many key points as Council looks to advocate on behalf of families.

Full details here.

Donald Weir Pool Update

13 December 2016     Donald Weir Pool project works are continuing with the installation of two groundwater monitoring bores. The bores, located at the Buloke Shire depot and near the Donald Weir, were installed last week by Watson Drilling.

Full details here.

Donald Projects Completed

7 December 2016    Buloke Shire Council has recently completed a number of important local projects in the Donald community.

Full details here.

Buloke Shire Councillors Take the Oath

Watch your Councillors take the White Ribbon Day Oath. You can take it too at https://www.whiteribbon.org.au/ https://youtu.be/k3QcO3jApZM

Green Lake Project Progresses

17 November 2016    The initial stages of a project to return water to Green Lake have begun. Preparation of a business case to complete works to stop the leaking at Green Lake is underway.

Full details here.

November Meeting Wrap

15 November 2016      Buloke Shire Council’s November Ordinary Meeting was the first for the newly sworn in Council.

Council resolved to submit a funding application of $100,000 for the Donald Recreation Reserve. Amongst other agenda items, the Domestic Wastewater Management Plan was adopted, a request to seek authorisation for a proposed planning scheme amendment was approved and an expression of interest application was endorsed for shade upgrades to four of Council’s swimming pools.

Full details here.

Buloke Major Towns Streetscape Draft Masterplans

Birchip blacksmith mural

News Archive

Please click here for a comprehensive archive of previous Buloke Shire Council Media Releases.


Rural Living Campaign



Buloke Shire Council in north-central Victoria launched the Rural Living campaign to seek recognition at top government level that unless rural people have access to a basic suite of services, we will see our communities become more and more unliveable. In Buloke Shire and many other rural Victorian shires, our residents are disadvantaged compared to their city counterparts because we simply cannot deliver the level of services they are entitled to. RURAL LIVING seeks agreement to the concept that all Victorians, including the residents of small rural shires, are worthy of a specific minimum set of service levels.

View the latest RURAL LIVING press release.


Rural Living Logo View on Facebook 

You can show your support for RURAL LIVING by sharing this Facebook page and adding your voice to the campaign for equal services for rural people.



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