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The News and Consultation section contains a range of options to keep people informed on current projects and activities, news items, publications; and opportunities for consultation and input into important decisions.

This is the most regularly changing section of the website - with the latest information. Stay informed by regularly visiting this page.     

Buloke to Receive Drought Communities Funding  23 May 2016

The recent inclusion of Buloke Shire Council as a Declared Council under the Drought Communities Programme (DCP) qualifies Buloke to submit proposals to the Commonwealth Government to seek funding of up to $1.5million.

Full details here.

Funding Assistance to Address the Plight of Rural Kindergartens  23 May 2016

A recent announcement by the State Government of changes to the funding formula applicable to rural kindergartens is welcome news indeed, and a cause for much joy throughout the local kindergarten community.

Full details here.

Let's Recognise our Inspiring Community Workers 23 May 2016

The search is on for individuals, businesses and community groups that are making a difference in our local community through the annual Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Awards.

Mayor, Cr Reid Mather, invites all residents to consider nominating an individual, business or group that is helping to reshape and inspire our community.

More information including categories.

Streetscape Consultation Second Round

Buloke Shire Council continues to prepare the streetscape master plans for Birchip, Charlton, Donald, Sea Lake and Wycheproof. This exciting project has reached its second round of community consultation.

Landscape Architecture and Urban Design consultants, Michael Smith and Associates, along with a team of specialist sub-consultants have gathered ideas and put them into an “opportunities plan” with help from the Buloke community via the first round of community consultation.
Below are the "opportunity drawing maps" of each town. These may be of use to you to help with master plans for your town!

Birchip   Charlton   Donald   Sea Lake   Wycheproof  

Planning Scheme Amendment C27 - Flood Mapping in Charlton and Donald

It is currently proposed to alter the existing Floodway and Land Subject to Inundation Overlay mapping in Charlton and Donald communities to reflect information

Collected in the Charlton and Donald Flood and Drainage Management Plans completed in 2013.


The original date for submissions to the proposed amendment was the 3 June 2016, however this has been extended to Friday 8 July, 2016 at the request of the community.

Submissions must be made in writing to the Buloke Shire Council at PO Box 1, Wycheproof 3527.


Further letters have been sent to 350 households in Charlton with three maps enclosed including the current overlay coverage, proposed overlay coverage and the overlay

coverage once construction works are carried out on the Charlton-St Arnaud Road.


The Charlton and Donald Flood and Drainage Management Plans will be available on the Council website by Friday 3 June, 2016.


If you have any enquiries, please contact the Planning Department on 1300 520 520.

Further Information   Explanatory Report   Map 1  Map 2   Map 3   Map 4   Map 5   Map 6   Map 7

Charlton Flood Management Plan Executive Summary   
Charlton Flood Management Plan Vol 1(Large size file download)   
Charlton Flood Management Plan Vol 2 (Large size file download)
Charlton Flood Management Plan Vol 3 (Large size file download)
Donald Flood and Drainage Management Report (Large size file download)

May Council Meeting Wrap 13 May 2016

At its May Ordinary Meeting, Buloke Shire Council adopted the latest issue of the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) as well as endorsing new agreements with both the Charlton Park Recreation Reserve and the Wycheproof Recreation Reserve Special Committees.

Full details here.  

Attention all temporary food operators: Are you registered on Streatrader?

If you operate a temporary or mobile food premises in Victoria where you sell food to the public, you are required to register with your local council and/or notify the municipality where you are trading through a state-wide registration/notification system known as Streatrader.


If you are attending any local markets to sell food, you must be registered with at least one Victorian council and have submitted a Statement of Trade through Streatrader.


To find out more information about Streatrader, please visit https://streatrader.health.vic.gov.au


Please note that it is unlawful to sell food in Victoria without the appropriate registration or notification and may result in an infringement or prosecution


If you have any questions regarding your requirement to be registered, please contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 1300 520 520

Council Adopts Draft Budget 5 May 2016

Council last night adopted its Draft Budget for the 2016/17 financial year at Special Meeting of Council held in Wycheproof. Mayor, Cr Reid Mather described the Draft Budget as very much one of consolidation.

Read the Press Release      View the Draft Budget 2016/17

Queensland Fruit Fly in Victoria

Queensland fruit fly (QFF) (Bactrocera tryoni) attacks a wide range of fruits and fruiting vegetables, leaving them inedible. Produce damaged by QFF can cause real disappointment for home gardeners. If left uncontrolled, QFF can lead to total crop losses. Managing QFF in your garden can be a challenge; however as with all pests, there are various strategies you can implement to protect your home-grown produce. Whilst QFF activity generally increases in spring as the warmer weather returns, it is not
strictly tied to a particular season.


As with all pest management, it's important to correctly identify the pest you need to treat to ensure the control strategies you plan to implement are appropriate. Adult flies are about seven millimetres long and are reddish-brown in colour, with distinct yellow markings.

Most people discover fruit fly when they cut open their fruit and find it infested with creamy-white

maggots burrowing inside. Other indicators of QFF activity include fruit skins with small puncture marks from where the female fruit fly has laid her eggs and prematurely ripened fruits.


A combination of the methods will be needed to manage QFF in the home garden. Removal of any host plant is vital and general garden hygiene. Exclusion by use of physical barriers such as nets, bags and sleeves. Spraying, Pruning, trapping and baiting are also options to consider. Also where possible, early harvesting of fruit from early maturing trees.

Successful QFF management in a given area depends on a high level of participation among gardeners. Encourage your neighbours to manage their host plants properly to help achieve the best results.

For more information visit www.preventfruitfly.com.au

Road Management Plan Review

Council is currently reviewing its Road Management Plan, in line with the Road Management Act. The plan outlines Council’s responsibilities to ensure that roads and footpath are safe. The RMP includes:

  • The management system put in place by Council to inspect, maintain and repair the public roads for which it is responsible.
  • A description of those assets on public roads for which Council is responsible.
  • The standard, or target condition, at which those assets will be maintained by Council.

The plan can be downloaded here or viewed at the Wycheproof office.

Submissions can be made up until Wednesday 25 May via email to buloke@buloke.vic.gov.au or by post to PO Box 1, Wycheproof, VIC, 3527. If you would like further information, please contact David Rooney, Council’s Coordinator Assets Planning and Delivery on 1300 520 520.

Health Alert- Burning Old Railway Sleepers

With the colder months upon us, it is important to advise the public that burning old railway sleepers is not safe and can be harmful to your health as they most likely contain toxic and carcinogenic contaminants.

All members of the Firewood Association of Australia Inc. do not stock or sell old railway sleepers as they are aware of the potentially harmful effects to the health of anyone who burns them.

It is advisable that you buy firewood from reputable suppliers that provide safe and efficient wood for burning.

For further information, please see the information sheet made available by the Firewood Association of Australia Inc. – the peak body representing the commercial firewood supply industry in Australia.

If you have concerns regarding anyone burning old railway sleepers, please contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 1300 520 520.

Expressions of Interest Sought

Council is seeking Expressions of Interest for projects to apply to the State Governments recently announced $100 million Community Sport Infrastructure Fund. Grants of up to $100,000 are available for; Female friendly facilities, Minor facilities and Cricket facilities. If your club has a project that fits within one of these categories, please discuss with our Coordinator Community Facilities by calling 1300 520 520 and complete an Expression of Interest form before 11 May 2016.

More information in the Community Sport Infrastructure Fund Application Guidelines.

Council Meets Community on Budget 22 April 2016

Buloke Shire Council staged its latest Community Forum Summit in Wycheproof on Tuesday 19 April. The main Item for discussion was the draft Council budget for 2016/17. A strong attendance of Forum members was again seen with plenty of strong and informed discussion had.

Full details here. 

Buloke Libraries Update 19 April 2016

The Buloke Shire Council’s review of library services in the Shire is continuing. An important part of that review was the community survey conducted over the last couple of months which generated significant interest and response from library users from right across the Shire.

Full details here.

April Council Meeting Wrap 19 April 2016

At its April Ordinary Meeting, Buloke Shire Council adopted the Municipal Heat Health Policy (MHHP), the Buloke Children and Youth Strategy and the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Strategy.

Full details here.

RARE Worker Operating in Buloke  18 April 2016

Wimmera UnitingCare has established a new Rural and Remote Engagement (RARE) worker for Buloke Shire Council. This position has been created as part of the Department of Social Services Federal Drought Funding.

Full details here.

Funding Announced 18 April 2016

Funding has been announced for the extension of the existing Netball/Tennis courts, resurfacing new area with acrylic surface, upgrading the court lighting and the installation of compliant court drainage at the Sea Lake/Nandaly Football Netball Club. 

Full details here.

Council's Commitment Recognised 18 April 2016

Recognition of Buloke Shire Council’s commitment to preventing violence against women was underlined at a ceremony last Wednesday at Wycheproof.  Women’s Health Loddon Mallee made a special presentation to Council for its adoption of the Action Plan for the Primary Prevention of Violence Against Women.

Full details here.

Community Forum Summit to Discuss Council Budget  8 April 2016

The next Buloke Shire Community Forum Summit will be held on Tuesday 19 April at the Wycheproof Supper Room from 6.30pm.  The main point for discussion will be the draft Council budget for 2016/17.

Full details here.

Hospital Heliport Flight Path Protection 8 April 2016

Emergency helicopters play a key role in providing medical and trauma services to patients who are critically ill or who may be involved in serious accidents. They are vital to patients in remote areas.

The Department of Health and Human Services is seeking to safeguard the flight paths to the existing helipads across Victoria. This measure to maintain the integrity of an essential part of the health system includes the Charlton, Donald and Wycheproof hospitals.

Full details here.

Successful Grants for Sporting Facilities  8 April 2016

Two local sports and recreation facilities will be getting upgrades after the success of grant applications was recently announced. A total of $116,469 will be provided by the Andrews Government for upgrading the Nullawil Netball Change Room and redeveloping the Wycheproof Tennis Courts.  These grants are part of the $100 million 2016-17 Community Sports Infrastructure Fund.

Full details here.

Buloke Pool Season a Success 1 April 2016

Buloke Shire Council’s Swimming Pool season closed on 14 March, ending another year of increasing attendances. Since the flood and wet weather affected season of 2010/11, Buloke’s pools have continued to post greater numbers than the season before.

Full details here.

How to Drug Proof Your Kids  

The How to Drug Proof Your Kids (DPYK) course was created in 1999 and first trialled in the city of Knox, VIC, in response to the needs of parents as they deal with the very real and complex issue of drugs.

This course will comprise of 3 sessions, and will be run in each of the following townships;

St. Arnaud – 12, 19 & 26 April at the St Arnaud Primary School, Charlton Rd

Donald – 11, 18 & 29 April at the Donald Primary School, Walker St

Charlton – 2, 9 & 16 May at the Charlton P-12 College, Davies St

Wycheproof – 3, 10 & 20 May at the Wycheproof P-12 College, McKenzies Cres.

The first 2 sessions are for the adults only, run from 7-9pm, however final session will be a family fun night, run from 6pm-8pm to put into practice some of what has been learned.

Full details here.

Maitreya Update  22 March 2016

It is now over a week since the promoter of the Maitreya festival stopped undertaking illegal construction on the public land at Wooroonook Lakes and cancelled the festival.  In the intervening time, the promoter has still not vacated the site.  This is in contravention of the enforcement orders served on it by VCAT on Friday 4 March. 

Council had no objection to allowing the festival to go ahead, provided a compliant permit and associated documents were provided.  Council was put in the invidious position of either allowing an illegal event to expose Council and its community to unjustified and unacceptable levels of risk, or refusing the permit, disappointing the Charlton and district community and the festival ticket holders.  The cancellation of the festival at least meant that no-one was hurt on-site and no accidents arose; these could have crippled Council and its community.  This is a major relief and a validation of Council’s approach.

As with other matters related to the illegal occupation of the site, the promoter has not met the requirements of Council or the courts.  VCAT required the promoter to cease using the site on 4 March and to remove all materials and structures and remediate the site to Council’s satisfaction by 18 March.  At last inspection, the promoter was still on site and has not provided Council with a date for completing remediation.  Council is currently developing a strategy for prosecution to try and reduce the damage that has been done and to recover costs.  This will be very difficult as the damage is extensive, especially in regard to the almost complete removal of undergrowth, the amount of ground disturbance and the loss of a significant number of trees and habitat. 

Apart from the impact on the site, the impact on Council of the promoter’s illegal activities has been large.  Significant costs have occurred related to Council minimising the risks imposed upon it and its community.  The actions of the promoter have meant Council has had no choice but to comply with the law and enforce its requirements.  Further costs will arise from any repair of the site and Council will seek recovery of costs from the promoter.  A public report to Council will detail these costs once the full extent is known over the next few months.  

The various state and local government agencies are now reviewing events and looking to see what can be done to prevent a recurrence anywhere in Victoria.  Key factors that need to be addressed across the state include setting standards for all music festivals and enhanced laws allowing more effective and earlier enforcement to prevent illegal activities. 

Blue Green Algae Update 15 March 2016

Blue Green Algae (BGA) has been detected along the Murray River at several locations as well as in the Loddon River and other waterways throughout Northern Victoria.

BGA toxins can cause very serious illness if ingested in high doses and can have wider reaching effects on tourism and farming practices.

The following video outlines some key safety messages, information relating to drinking water, monitoring and testing, health effects on humans and pets as well as information relating to protection of livestock.

Further update information will be available at 

View the latest on the event from Emergency Victoria via video.

Maitreya Festival Cancelled  10 March 2016

The Maitreya Festival has cancelled the Festival at Wooroonook Lakes on its website today just after 1pm.  Even before this it was clear the Festival would have been unrecognisable this year.   Not only had nearly all the food vendors pulled out but the partly constructed toilets wouldn’t have been serviced and the security and fire protection contractors had withdrawn. 

Previously contracted sound and lighting companies had decided not to attend but that is probably a moot point because the rental companies providing power and other facilities are removing their generators and light towers from the site. Without power,  the music won’t be the same and the lack of lighting will see activities finishing early.  The weather was also looking grim with rain scheduled for Sunday.

The CFA has banned cooking fires; enforcing this with on the spot fines.

To cap it all off, the Festival’s insurance company had cancelled its policy. 

Festival goers will not find a Festival if they do arrive and should be careful not to attend.   No facilities will be available.  The local Charlton Forum is advising festival goers not to come.


Maitreya Update  9 March 2016

Council yesterday attended a meeting at Swan Hill Police Station with relevant agencies including Ambulance Victoria, Aboriginal Affairs Victoria, CFA, Parks Victoria, Victorian Solicitors General Office and DELWP in relation to the Maitreya Festival.

Aboriginal Affairs Victoria visited the site to consider the illegal works being carried out there and possible damage to indigenous heritage.  They identified a number of concerns and issued a stop order on the work being undertaken at the Lakes.

Over the last 48 hours Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria and CFA have all issued warnings to contractors and ticket holders alike citing major concerns for the health, safety and welfare of patrons and urged them not to attend.

These warnings are very real.

Buloke Shire Council will issue a statement later today. We have major concerns for the health, safety and welfare of patrons, and urge anyone planning to attend the event to seriously consider the risks and not to do so.

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  Rural Living Victoria  



Buloke Shire Council in north-central Victoria launched the Rural Living campaign to seek recognition at top government level that unless rural people have access to a basic suite of services, we will see our communities become more and more unliveable. In Buloke Shire and many other rural Victorian shires, our residents are disadvantaged compared to their city counterparts because we simply cannot deliver the level of services they are entitled to. RURAL LIVING seeks agreement to the concept that all Victorians, including the residents of small rural shires, are worthy of a specific minimum set of service levels.

View the latest Rural Living press release.


Rural Living Logo View on Facebook 

You can show your support for RURAL LIVING by sharing this Facebook page and adding your voice to the campaign for equal services for rural people.



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