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About Council

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Agendas, Minutes and Attachments
View current Council Meeting Minutes and Agendas.
Annual Report
The Annual Report provides an overview of how Council has managed its responsibilities over the past financial year.
Council's Annual Budgets available for review.
Buloke Shire Complaint Handling Process
Buloke Shire Complaint Handling Process
Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct clarifies the standards of behaviour that are expected within our organisation.
Council Disclaimer and Copyright
Council Disclaimer and Copyright statements.
Council Meetings
Decisions that formulate the Buloke Shire Council's policies and services.
Council Plan
The Council Plan is a comprehensive overview of Council's values, commitments and activities.
Council Rates
Council rates are a contribution each ratepayer makes towards community services provided by their council. Rates also contribute to running your council.
Councillor Briefings
Held once a month to discuss Policy and Strategy.
Councillors play a very important policy-making role, requiring the identification of community needs and setting objectives to meet those needs.
Delegates List
The following details the Council Delegates involved in Committees, not part of Council.
Documents available for Public Inspection
The Local Government Act requires each Council to make a number of documents available for inspection at the Council office upon request.
Buloke Shire Council offers a broad range of employment opportunities.
Ordinary Meetings
Council Meetings - Ordinary Meetings
Organisational Structure
The organisational structure of Buloke Shire Council ensures that Council decisions are implemented and that the Shire runs smoothly.
Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Values
Council is committed to overseeing the continued growth of the Shire and ensuring high quality of life for residents and visitors.
Information about the Council Plans of Buloke Shire Council.
Policies are a representation of the values that Council will take into consideration during its decision making process.
Public Question Time
Public question time provides an opportunity for people to ask questions about Council's activities, not make statements.
Special Meetings of Council
A special meeting may be convened by the mayor to discuss agenda items only.
Your Council
Sets out the primary purposes and objectives of the Council and defines its functions and powers.

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