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Complaints about Animals

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Do you have a complaint about an animal?  Before you contact us to investigate, have you talked to the owner to discuss your concerns? Sometimes they're not aware there's a problem and a quick chat can resolve the issue.

If talking doesn't help, or you feel you can't approach the owner, you can lodge a complaint for the Local Laws team to investigate.  

For all other animal complaints, please contact our Local Laws team on 1300 520 520 or email us.  

Find out more about:

Barking Dogs
How Council handles barking dog complaints and advice on how to control your barking dog.
Bees and Wasps
If you have found a bee/wasp nest that you would like investigated, please contact the relevant people depending on the location of the nest.
Dogs Wandering at Large
It is important that all dog owners ensure that their dog is securely confined to their property.
Feral Cats
Feral cats are cats which have never been domesticated and are truly wild animals.
Pet Limitations
Pet owners may keep two cats or two dogs in a house or one cat or one dog in a unit. To keep more pets you will need to apply for a multiple pet permit.
As well as being a nuisance and causing extensive damage to property, feral pigeons can also pose a risk to human health.
Rabbits are one of the most common and widespread animal pests in Australia.
Restricted Breeds
Certain dog breeds are classified as dangerous and the importation of these breeds is restricted.
Swooping Birds
Residents are reminded to keep an eye out for swooping birds in the coming months as the spring breeding season begins for native birds.
Termites are sometimes referred to as 'white ants' because of their appearance - this information may assist in detecting and treating these pests.

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