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Councillors group shot

Back Row (L-R): Cr Gail Sharp, Cr David Pollard, Cr Reid Mather, Cr Ellen White

Front Row (L-R): Cr Stuart McLean, Cr Graeme Milne, Cr Leo Tellefson Buloke Shire has seven elected Councillors, including a Mayor and Deputy Mayor, representing the Shire’s three electoral wards.

Collectively, they are responsible for making decisions about local issues and representing the interests of the Buloke Shire community.

Cr Reid Mather (Mayor)
MALLEE WARD                                   
Mobile: 0428 772 264                                                   
Email: crmather@buloke.vic.gov.au  

Cr David Pollard (Deputy Mayor)
LOWER AVOCA WARD                      
Mobile: 0458 918 638                                                             
Email: crpollard@buloke.vic.gov.au

Cr Leo Tellefson                                    
MOUNT JEFFCOTT WARD                                      
Mobile: 0427 320 166                     
Email: crtellefson@buloke.vic.gov.au

Cr Stuart McLean                                              
LOWER AVOCA WARD                                 
Mobile: 0439 327 839                                                           
Email: crmclean@buloke.vic.gov.au

Cr Graeme Milne                                 
MOUNT JEFFCOTT WARD                         
Mobile: 0419 126 911                                            
Email: crmilne@buloke.vic.gov.au

Cr Gail Sharp                                     
MOUNT JEFFCOTT WARD                                  
Mobile: 0437 090 172                                                 
Email: crsharp@buloke.vic.gov.au

Cr Ellen White                         
MALLEE WARD                                                    
Mobile: 0417 560 706                                                 
Email: crwhite@buloke.vic.gov.au


Buloke Shire Council: 367 Broadway, Wycheproof, VIC 3527 | Phone: 1300 520 520 | Fax: (03) 5493 7395 | Email: buloke@buloke.vic.gov.au

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