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Buloke Shire Council promotes responsible pet ownership. Council places limits on the number of pets that can be kept in any property, and provides facilities for pet owners to register their cats and dogs, in line with legal requirements.

Full details of pet owners’ rights and responsibilities are available in Council’s Domestic Animal Management Plan.

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Animals Currently Impounded
The following animals are currently impounded at the Council shelter. If you are the owner of one of the listed animals, please contact Council immediatetly.
Animals Up for Adoption
Buloke Shire Council have the following animals up for adoption.
Barking Dogs
How Council handles barking dog complaints and advice on how to control your barking dog.
Domestic cats are a part of many households and are a valued companion pet to many people.
Complaints about Animals
Council works to ensure that people are not affected by noise, odour, vermin or other issues from animals in residential areas.
Being a responsible dog owner is about understanding your pet's needs and your responsibilities to the community.
Dogs Wandering at Large
It is important that all dog owners ensure that their dog is securely confined to their property.
Domestic Animal Management Plan
The plan aims to balance the competing demands of pet owners and the community, and encourages responsible pet ownership.
Feral Cats
Feral cats are cats which have never been domesticated and are truly wild animals.
Owners of all livestock must ensure that the fences and gates used to contain livestock are capable of holding animals within the property's boundaries.
Livestock Saleyards Association of Victoria Inc.
Livestock Saleyards Association of Victoria Inc.
Lost Animals
The Council maintains a lost animal register to help owners find their pets and ensure their prompt return.
Pet Limitations
Pet owners may keep two cats or two dogs in a house or one cat or one dog in a unit. To keep more pets you will need to apply for a multiple pet permit.
Registering your Pet
Registering your dog and cat helps Council reunite you with your pet if it is impounded, or to notify you in case of an accident.
Restricted Breeds
Certain dog breeds are classified as dangerous and the importation of these breeds is restricted.
Surrender an Animal
We know that sometimes it's just not possible to keep a pet. But before making the decision to surrender a pet, please consider all of your options.

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