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Planning & Building

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Planning permits are legal documents giving permission for a land use or development, and may be required for all building work. If a planning permit is required, it must be issued before the building permit can be issued. A planning permit may be required for:

  • Starting a business;
  • Constructing, altering, demolishing or painting a building;
  • Displaying a sign;
  • Applying for a licence (e.g. a liquor licence);
  • Subdividing land;
  • Clearing native vegetation;
  • Changing the use of a property;
  • Channel decommissioning.

Fees under the Planning and Environment Act

Fees for Building and Planning are set by the State Government. The regulations are set in fee units. A fee unit value is adjusted each year by the Treasurer's amount.

Visit the State Government regulations and fees page.


Building permits are legal documents that signify that a building surveyor has approved building work prior to it commencing.

Building Permits are required for the following within the Buloke Shire:

  • Construction of a new dwelling, carport, garage or shed, including farm buildings.
  • Extension or alteration of an existing building;
  • Changing the use of an existing building;
  • Demolition or removal of an existing building;
  • Construction relating to swimming pools, spas and safety fencing;
  • Re-erection of a building.

Undertaking building work without obtaining the necessary building permit is a serious offence and can result in severe penalties. The Building Act 1993 (Victoria) prescribes a penalty of up to $10,000 for any persons who carry out work without a permit.

To apply for a building permit, you will need to complete an Application for a Building Permit form and submit plans and other required documentation to demonstrate the proposed building work will comply with the Building Regulations. Contact the Building Department on 1300 520 520 to discuss the requirements to obtain a Building Permit.

Information forms:

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