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This Girl Can

This Girl Can 

This Girl Can – Victoria has encouraged over 400,000 Victorian women to get active. Buloke are getting on board to celebrate the amazing women in our region who are breaking down their barriers and getting active.

This Girl Can is not about losing weight or looking like an Instagram model. It is about being real women, it is about taking some time for yourself because you deserve it, it is about choosing to love your body and to get moving because you love your body! It is about having FUN!


Why Aren't Women Getting Active? 

Victorian women have identified that it can be downright terrifying to get involved in new sports or take up a new active hobby for a fear of being judged, or not knowing how to play the games or simply not being fit enough. 64% of women who aren’t currently active would like to get more active in the next 12 months. Introducing Buloke Girls Can – we are working with trainers and sports groups to break down these barriers.

Because sports, gyms and exercise are for everybody.

Buloke Girls Can Week

Buloke Girls Can Week is running from 12 – 18 September 2022, following a pause during COVID19.

Buloke Champions

Do you know some Buloke Women who are breaking down the barriers and getting active?

Nominate them now at and help inspire more women! 

Get Inspired


For more information – THIS GIRL CAN