The Local Government Act 1989 (Victoria) provides for Council to call a Special Meeting if required. This is sometimes necessary in order to meet specific timelines associated with requirements under the Act such as adoption of a Council Plan and Annual Report. The Act contains specific provisions in relation to the required period of notice for a Special Meeting and the business that can be transacted at such meetings.

The notice necessary to call a meeting in accordance with the Act must be delivered to the Chief Executive Officer in sufficient time to ensure that at least two (2) clear business days' notice is given to Councillors unless urgent or extraordinary circumstances prevail.

If a Special Meeting is called, it will be advertised on the Buloke Council website, Council's district offices and, where possible, in local newspapers.

As for Ordinary Meetings, all Buloke Shire residents are welcome to attend, unless in accordance with Section 89 (2) of the Local Government Act 1989 the meeting is closed to the public to address a Confidential matter.

Special Meeting Minutes and Agendas (unless Confidential) will be made available online and at Council’s District Offices.


Agenda - Special Meeting 2 October 2019