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Plans, Policies and Budgets



We have a range of reports, polices, strategies and plans to express the vision and future direction of the Buloke Shire. These documents aim to provide consistency in decision making and clarity for everyone.

  • Annual Report The Annual Report provides an overview of how Council has managed its responsibilities over the past financial year.
  • Budgets Each year Council prepares a Budget to outline the financial implications of the actions in our Council Plan. The Budget sets out the income expected from various sources such as Government grants, fees and charges and property rates
  • Plans View a range of Council's adopted plans.
  • Policies Policies are a representation of the values that Council will take into consideration during its decision making process.
  • Strategies View a range of Council's strategies.
  • Waste Management Strategy 2012-2022 This Waste Management Strategy provides a vision for future waste management in Buloke and was developed through discussion with the local community.