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Have Your Say - Domestic Animal Management Plan

Have Your Say - Domestic Animal Management Plan 

Council has released its Draft Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP) for consultation.

The DAMP outlines Council’s services, programs and polices established to administer the management of cat and dog issues in the community.

Council’s DAMP promotes responsible pet ownership, and the welfare of cats and dogs. The plan also assists in the protection of the community and environment from nuisance cats and dogs, and in minimising the risk of attacks by dogs. It also encourages the registration of and identification of cats and dogs.

View the Draft Domestic Animal Management Plan.

For more information contact Council's Local Laws Team on 1300 520 520. 

Submissions can be made in writing to PO Box 1, Wycheproof VIC 3527 or via email to by 5.00pm Thursday 7 October 2021.