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Have Your Say - Buloke Playspaces Trail

Have Your Say - Buloke Playspaces Trail

What is the project?

The Buloke Playspaces Trail involves the construction of five destination play spaces in Berriwillock, Birchip, Charlton, Donald and Wycheproof.

The playspaces will accommodate play equipment which combine adventure activities, variety, innovative design and a social atmosphere. They have been planned to reflect the cultural and environmental features of the local Buloke townships, with diverse activities to appeal to young people from infants to advanced teenage years, supplemented with social facilities to cater for families and group gatherings.

Why are we developing the Playspaces Trail? 

Rationale for this project stems from a range of Shire and regional strategies, including the recently adopted Buloke Playspaces Strategy which includes high level concept plans for each play space developed through the Buloke Playspaces Project in 2020.

These strategies have emphasized the need to build on Buloke’s emerging tourism industry by diversifying and adding value to available visitor experiences, as well as enhancing the lifestyle of current and future residents of Buloke through maintaining current infrastructure for the community to enjoy.

How can I have my say?

Attend a listening post at one of the following locations:

  • Charlton - Gordon Park 
    Tuesday 10 August 9-11am

  • Wycheproof - Centenary Park 
    Tuesday 10 August 12-2pm

  • Berriwillock - Tynan Park 
    Tuesday 10 August 3-5pm

  • Donald - Memorial Park
    Wednesday 11 August 9-11am

  • Birchip - Soldier's Memorial Park
    Wednesday 11 August 12-2pm

Complete the survey

Have You Say by completing the Buloke Playspaces Trail Survey.

View the plans

Berriwillock - Tynan Park

Birchip - Soldier's Memorial Park

Charlton - Gordon Park

Donald - Memorial Park

Wycheproof - Centenary Park

More information? 

Contact Council's Recreational Facilities team on 1300 520 520 or view the information sheet.

Gordon Park Playground