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Community Planning Projects


What is a Community Plan?

A community plan describes a desired future, goals, strategies and key actions for individual communities within a local government area.

The community planning process provides interested residents and groups with an opportunity to reflect on what is important to them about living in their community.  

A community plan assists by allowing residents an opportunity to assess the challenges facing their community and to develop an agreed, effective response. 

It is an aspirational plan that articulates the long term future for the local government area as well as strategies to implement the vision. It is effectively a strategic plan at a community level.

Community Development Program For Community Building in Small Towns - The Toolbox Guide

The Community Development Program engages residents and local communities in planning for their future. The program assists community members to work together to:

  • Reflect on what is important to them about their community
  • Identify needs, issues and opportunities
  • Decide on the priority actions or projects
  • Establish groups they will work with to achieve agreed goals

All ten Buloke  communities have developed their own community plans with the encouragement and support of Buloke Shire council. These plans have become one of the most important planning tools, with each community identifying what it needs or requires to meet the challenges of the future.

Some of the individual community plans are listed below.

The Toolbox is a practical guide and resource for community planning groups, local governments and other regional stakeholders actively involved in the positive transition of small towns into the future.

The Toolbox was developed in consultation with local government and with specific input from community leaders who attended targeted workshops in Wycheproof and Newstead in May 2013. The Toolbox was launched in Sea Lake and Axedale in September 2013.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual community to decide what it wants to be, how it defines “quality of life‟ and what its priorities are. The intention of the Toolbox is to guide the reader through making decision, planning and taking action to realise community aims; understand their community and its role in the region; understanding what is actually influencing the future of small towns; and, responding effectively to build a positive future. 

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