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Community Grant Application Forms - Closed Community Grants

Update: 21 December 2022

Council is no longer accepting applications for Community Grants and Sponsorships.

Applications are still being accepted for our Sustainability Grants, including the Quick Action Sustainability Grants.

Thank you for your understanding.

Donald Youth Group

Community Grant Application Forms

Applying for a Grant

To be eligible for a Buloke Shire Council Community Grant, you must be:

  • A Not-for-profit community groups and nongovernment organisations within the Buloke Shire
  • If a group is not incorporated, it can be auspiced (or managed) by an incorporated organisation.
  • Group that runs activities for the benefit of residents of the Buloke Shire (any profits not to be taken outside of the Shire).
  • Individuals (Sponsorship only)

Submitting a Grant Application

Community Development Officer
Buloke Shire Council
PO Box 1
Wycheproof VIC
  • Hand deliver your application to: Council’s Wycheproof office


To apply for a Community Grant, applicants will need to complete one of the below forms. For more information on the requirements for each grant type, please read the Community Grants Guideline or contact the Community Development Officer on 1300 520 520. 

Application for a Community Sustainability Grant

Please note that as of 21 December 2022, Council is no longer accepting applications for Community Grants and Sponsorships. Only applications for Sustainability Grants will be accepted.


All successful applications are required to complete an acquittal of their grant at the completion of the project. Failure to submit a complete grant acquittal will result in the group being ineligible to submit further grant applications for the Community Grants program, until a satisfactory acquittal has been received.

Grant Acquittal Form

Supporting Documents

Project Support Form

Project Plan