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Youth Programs

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Buloke Shire Council youth programs are developed from the Victorian Governments Youth statement “Engage Involve Create”.

The youth programs are inclusive and engaging of all young people living in the Buloke Shire and are a youth led initiative focused program.

The Buloke Shire offers young people engagement pathways into personal skill development, leadership and mentoring through the following activities:  

The Buloke Youth Advisory Committee

This newly formed and established Advisory Committee is currently developing a Buloke Youth Charter to build on from the former 2009 Buloke Youth Strategy. They are working with 'For Young Australians' to strengthening the role of the youth voice in Buloke.  We are in planning to coordinate National Youth Week 2-day forum to develop our Buloke youth voice and to also have a key strategic role with the FReeZa program and are working with the Swan Hill Rural City Shire and the Gannawarra shire Council to develop a Loddon Mallee Youth Leadership program for all young people keen to be involved in opportunities to develop their citizenship role.

The five (5) Local Youth Action Groups (in Charlton, Birchip, Donald, Wycheproof and Sea Lake)

The local youth action group profile includes all fundraising, coordinating FReeZA activities and developing pathways for young people in personal skill development.

Local Community Engagement pathways

This is an integral networking and partnership development pathway with schools and service providers, community groups and other government agencies/services to support and assist young people with developing positive long term outcomes.

Some of these examples of local community engagement are:

  • Kools Skools program
  • Health Expo
  • Buloke Youth Service Network School Engagement Program.  Such as the Work Inspiration project with Donald High School, NCLLEN and Youth Connections.

Kool Skools Project

The Kool Skools Project is an exciting recording and multimedia project for secondary school students. Kool Skools promotes, develops and supports a diverse range of talent and all genres of contemporary music writing and performance. Each school or project gets to work in a professional recording studio, recording an album of original music by their own school bands. CDs of the finished product are launched in October each year.  

FReeZA events

FReeZA is a Victorian Government initiative that funds local government youth initiatives, helps with establishing youth committees, and assists young people to become directly involved in organising and holding drug- and alcohol-free entertainment and cultural events. A FReeZA event is typically a live concert, dance party or similar.

Young people who participate on the FReeZA committee and as performers have a unique opportunity to develop valuable life skills through exposure to aspects of event and entertainment management and organisation. By staging events, our young people are making valuable contributions to their local community.

Buloke Youth Mentoring Activities

The Buloke Shire Council is in two (2) partnerships to deliver rural youth mentoring program for young people in Charlton, Donald and Wycheproof.  They are the L2P Drivers Learners Project and the MATES project in Wycheproof.  

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