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Saleyards Precinct Local Law

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The Saleyards Precinct Local Law No. 14 which came into operation on 15 August 2013, replaces the Saleyards Precinct Local Law No. 8.


The Local Law will regulate and control uses and activities at the Wycheproof Saleyards Precinct to achieve its main objectives being:

  • protecting Council’s assets and facilities;
  • applying processes and requirements to:
  • promote safety and safe work practices;
  • operate the Saleyards Precinct in a manner that achieves the requirements of the Livestock Management Act 2010 and any applicable standards and codes;
  • ensure that appropriate standards of welfare are applied and that any livestock brought to the Saleyards Precinct are treated humanely;
  • and maintain accreditation as a saleyards under the National Saleyards Quality Assurance Program.


A person or organisation proposing to use the saleyards is required to enter into a User Agreement with the Council, irrespective of the length or frequency of the use.


For more information contact Council on 1300 520 520.


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