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Buloke Shire Council in north-central Victoria launched the Rural Living campaign to seek recognition at top government level that unless rural people have access to a basic suite of services, we will see our communities become more and more unliveable. In Buloke Shire and many other rural Victorian shires, our residents are disadvantaged compared to their city counterparts because we simply cannot deliver the level of services they are entitled to. RURAL LIVING seeks agreement to the concept that all Victorians, including the residents of small rural shires, are worthy of a specific minimum set of service levels.

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You can show your support for RURAL LIVING by sharing this Facebook page and adding your voice to the campaign for equal services for rural people.

So what is this about?


Council Liveability: The Rural Advocacy campaign is aimed at ensuring that all Victorians have access to minimum levels of service that enable liveability and safety and that no communities fall below these minimums. Please download our flyer HERE with an overview of the campaign.

Listen here to Buloke Mayor Cr Reid Mather outline the goals of Rural Living on Australian rural radio station FlowFM


The following is a listing of services that Councils need to be able to provide to ensure their residents have access to minimum liveability and safety standards:

    • A responsive and effective municipal council.

    • All weather access roads to all inhabited residences.

    • A road network that meets the needs of local industry.

    • Kerbside waste and recycling services for all townships

    • Urban drainage systems to cope with a minimum 20 year rainfall event

    • Footpaths to safety standards in the central business, hospital and school areas

    • Access to public facilities including

      • Recreation Reserve

      • Functional Meeting Space

      • Park and playground

      • Public toilet

      • Swimming pool

    • Immunisation for children on a monthly basis

    • Local statutory and strategic planning services

    • Environmental health enforcement

    • Enforcement of Local Laws and building regulations

    • School crossing supervision on major roads

    • Community planning on a community (town) basis

    • One hour of HACC services every 2 weeks for eligible clients, e.g. domestic assistance, personal care or respite care.

    • Weekly access to library books and services.

    • Access to Maternal and Child Health Services.

    • Youth services including access to an annual youth event.

    • Transport to essential appointments for frail aged people.

    • Meals on Wheels

    • Child care and kindergarten services in towns.

    • Municipal emergency services

    • Access to business development information and support.

    Click here to access the full Minimum Local Government Service Levels for Victorians document.

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