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Protected Disclosure Act 2012

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The Protected Disclosure Act 2012 came into operation on 10 February 2013 and Council is subject to this Act.  The main objectives of this Act are to encourage and facilitate disclosures of improper conduct and detrimental action by public officers and public bodies and other persons. The Act provides protection to persons who make those disclosures and persons who may suffer detrimental action in reprisal for those disclosures.  It also provides for the confidentiality of the content of those disclosures and the identity of persons who make those disclosures.

The Act covers council in its entirety, including council staff, officers and councillors. Disclosures about councillors must be made to the IBAC (Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission) or the Ombudsman (Victorian Ombudsman).

Disclosures about the Council or its staff and officers may be made to IBAC or to Council. If you would like to make a disclosure under the Act, please contact us at buloke@buloke.vic.gov.au (Attention: Protected Disclosure Coordinator) or you may contact our Protected Disclosure Coordinator on 1300 520 520.

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