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Disability Action Plan 2013-2016

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Improving accessibility, infrastructure, support and services for people with a disability is the overarching aim of the Buloke Shire Council’s recently adopted Disability Action Plan 2013-2016.

The strategies within this Plan focus on improved access to services and improved physical access to Council buildings, footpaths, parking bays, and public spaces. The Plan also promotes inclusive and flexible work practices, the removal of barriers to community participation, and improved access to information.

The Plan also includes practical advice for all members of the community on how to communicate with people with a disability.

Pursuant to Section 67 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Council’s Disability Action Plan has been lodged with the Australian Human Rights Commission. This action has been taken to:

  • enable other organisations who may be developing a Disability Action Plan to benefit from our Council’s work and experience;
  • allow people with a disability to see what the Buloke Shire Council has committed itself to achieving; and
  • enable people with a disability to contribute their views on how the Action Plan and its implementation may be improved.

Copies of the Disability Action Plan 2013-2016 are available by downloading it here or by contacting Council’s Community Services Department on 1300 520520.

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