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Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct for Councillors

Buloke Shire Council has adopted a Code of Conduct for Councillors which sets out the guidelines of how Councillors will behave and work with our staff, our community and our stakeholders.  It provides guidance about the general standards of ethical conduct and how Councillors will carry out the role expected by the Buloke community.  The Code commits all Councillors to working together constructively in the best interests of the people within Buloke Shire, and to discharging their responsibilities to the best of their skill and judgement.

The Code of Conduct for Councillors is a key component of Council’s commitment to open and accountable government. The Code outlines behaviours and actions that will enhance the effectiveness and reputation of Council, and reduce the risk of corruption or misuse of Council assets, including information. The most recent Code of Conduct for Councillors was accepted and signed by Councillors at a Special Meeting on 17 February 2016.

Code of Conduct for Staff

The Local Government Act 1989 requires that the Chief Executive Officer develop and implement a Code of Conduct for Staff, however Council believes that this Code of Conduct represents more than just a statement of compliance with the Act. 
The Code is a statement of how employees will behave and work with each other, our community and our stakeholders.  It promotes adherence with the Values and Staff Conduct Principles and provides guidance to employees on the responsibilities and obligations of working for Council, in order to meet community expectations.

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